burn DVD from pc will not work on DVD player

  duce 22:34 04 Oct 2005

Help, Please! I have burn a dvd disc with window movie maker, and I can watch the finished product with my player in my pc but not others around our house (sony, panasonic etc), can anyone help please. many thanks

  BRYNIT 22:47 04 Oct 2005

Did you burn the movie to a DVD+R disc.

Some older dvd players will not play DVD+R discs

  eedcam 18:26 05 Oct 2005

I think you will find you cant do it with windows movie maker regarles of + or -

  duce 18:46 05 Oct 2005

thanks a lot brynit and eedcam for your help. I burned the disc with both + and - and it still not work! any more suggestions? all reply would be appreciated.

  joeltr 19:05 05 Oct 2005

what speed did you burn it? 4x is usually a safe bet, joel.

  duce 21:25 05 Oct 2005

it was burn at 8x, may be I should try 4x next week, many thanks joeltr

  De Marcus™ 21:29 05 Oct 2005

Right click on the disk when it's in the pc drive and click on explore, there should be two folders, one called audio and one called video. Click on the video one and make sure there are proper dvd files on the disk, for example, .vob, .bup, .ifo.

  GroupFC 22:28 05 Oct 2005

I think some more details are required. Moviemaker if I recall correctly doesn't support burning direct to DVD, so there must have been an intermediate step.

Is this a movie you have created yourself? What format is the finished movie in?

A couple of websites that may be of some help click here click here and click here

  duce 22:34 05 Oct 2005

thanks de marcus and group fc, i will try to find out more. for you record, it was our holiday footage from DV to movie maker. once again thanks

  De Marcus™ 22:40 05 Oct 2005

whilst your doing that, post back with the software you used to capture, edit and burn.

  GroupFC 22:50 05 Oct 2005

Ok so when you got the footage into moviemaker it would have been imported as a project file with a file extension .MSWMM. This is only a project file and not a finished movie.

You can then edit the movie (add transitions, titles soundtrack etc). When you have finished you then save the movie (either to your computer, CD (only!)et.), your choice at this point determines the format the movie will be in. A lot of the choices will encode the movie into the .wmv format and whilst these will play on the pc they will not be a recognised format for stand alone DVD players.

Your best bet will be to a have a read through the Mightycoach tutorials, which I found very helpful when I was first trying to get to grips with moviemaker!

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