Burn & Die

  Head hurts 13:12 13 Jan 2006

Seem to have developed a burning problem. i run xp home up to date with all service packs etc.
using an hp laptop with 30gb drive half of which is available. i usually use cd-r discs for copying music and this still works a treat. i have used cd-rw discs to back up all of my system using acronis software. i have been trying to use cd-rw to copy music from wmp 10 then copy to sony connect so i can load onto my mp3 player this is due to the sony software being incapable of getting all the music from my system. when i put a cd-rw in the drive, the music is converted then when copying starts it only gets to exactly 7% on first track before failing. i can use hp memories disc creator to copy stored photos to the same cd-rw. am i missing something obvious or could someone point me the right direction to correct this issue (in simple speak please) thanks in advance.

  Kev.Ifty 21:37 13 Jan 2006

Don't understand why you need to use WMP to transfer MP3's

Can't you just drag and drop the music files to your MP3 player?

Use WMP to convert files from Cd to MP3. Save the files to a folder and you can use WMP to 'TAG' the saved files.

Open WMP click TOOLS and have a look at your settings.


  Head hurts 08:01 14 Jan 2006

Kev.Ifty thanks for response but unfortunately the connect player is the worst piece of software i have come across and no drag and drop does not work and neither does wmp10 until someone brings out an add on for it but the point is missed i should be able to use cd-rw media but it has stopped working and as i have a pack of i believe 50 it would be good to fix this problem. many thanks

  john-232317 09:10 14 Jan 2006

I read somewhere that audio and data files burn at different depths, so maybe thats the reason you being able to burn data and not audio with those discs.

Could be one of loads of reasons though, burning software, speed of burn, discs, etc.

Download jetaudio and try that, its free and very good.

  john-232317 20:34 16 Jan 2006

Cured it or what ?????????????????

It may help someone in the future with the same problem ;-))

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