Burn & play *.AVI files in a DVD player

  450223 10:42 19 Dec 2011

I have filmed with my didital video camera on to it's SD card, HD 720 dpi, WVGA & QVGA formats, I have burnt each of theses files to seperate DVD+R discs. Whether I close the disc session/s or not. None of the discs will play in my old DVD player/recorder or two brand new DVD players bought within the last month. I have tried burning all three formats HD,WVGA & QVGA to a DVD+RW disc this will also NOT play in my old DVD recorder/player or the new DVD players... anyone got any ideas please.

  lotvic 13:01 19 Dec 2011

I use the Free program DVDFlick http://www.dvdflick.net/

Some guides ClickHere

  lotvic 13:10 19 Dec 2011

RussB78, you can either just paste the url straight in or you can type clickhere and then select the words clickhere and then click on the globe with green arrow and paste the url into the box that pops up. Be aware that you only want one http at the front, so delete the one that is already in the popup box.

Another thing to note if you are pasting straight in is that if your url contains two underscores it will not come out right as the text between two will just change to italics, so then it's best to use the second method above.

  450223 15:35 19 Dec 2011

From 450223 I have donloaded the FLV player it will only play FLV files no way to convert a *.AVI file.... so how do I proceed please!!

  450223 14:22 20 Dec 2011

From 450223 I have downloaded the FoxTab video converter. Installed it on my laptop. I have converted a number of my video (*.AVI files) to DVD MPEG 2 PS format.This has given the files a *.VOB file extension. I have burnt these to a DVD+R and DVD-R (one disc Session left open.... one disc with the session closed). Tried these two discs in my DVD player... unfortunatly they do'nt work! I have also burnt these files to a DVD+RW disc... this also will not work in my DVD player four to five years old(have taken the two new players back to the store for refund as they did not work previously! Any other ideas PLEASE

  lotvic 20:39 21 Dec 2011

Using free program DVD Flick, burn almost any video file to a playable DVD

Perhaps this step by step guide will be of some use ClickHere

  450223 07:33 22 Dec 2011

From 450223 Many thanks lotvic for the step by step guide. This is what I did, but it just will not play the file/s!

  450223 07:36 22 Dec 2011

From 450223 Many thanks lotvic, for the step by step guide that is what I did but the discs will not play!

  lotvic 09:17 22 Dec 2011

Do they play on your pc? maybe you burnt them at too fast a speed, it's best to burn at no more than 4x speed.

If they play okay on your pc then they should be okay for the standalone players if you have used DVD-r

Have you checked what type of DVD's your standalone players accept (usually tells you on front of player and will be in manual) also some players are a bit picky even to the brand of DVD-r used.

Have you ever successfully burnt a DVD and been able to play it on your standalone players?

  450223 17:41 22 Dec 2011

From 450223 lotvic many thanks, the speed the burn at makes no difference, I had already thought of buffer underrun issues

  lotvic 19:08 22 Dec 2011

So Do they play on your pc? and Have you ever successfully burnt a DVD and been able to play it on your standalone players?

I am unsure what programs you have used so far and how many times you have converted them. As a test movie I suggest you start again from scratch with a very short vid from your camera, save it to your Harddrive and just use DVD Flick and burn that and see if it plays ok. Use a DVD-r disk

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