BUMP - Why do forum members send this?

  CurlyWhirly 09:15 12 Jul 2004

I am quite new to these forums and even though I know what BUMP means (Bring Up My Post) why do some members just type BUMP with nothing else in their reply?

p.s. sorry for asking such a simple question!

  Chris the Ancient 09:17 12 Jul 2004

People do it to get the posted thread back to the top of the list to get it noticed again.


  BurrWalnut 09:17 12 Jul 2004

It puts an unanswered question to the top of the list. Anything word will do but BUMP is the accepted word.

  sidecar sid 09:19 12 Jul 2004

I'ts just a way to bring your post back to the top of the pile in the hope that members who have not seen it may be able to help.

Simple questions are the best for simpletons like me :-)))))

  VoG II 09:21 12 Jul 2004


  CurlyWhirly 09:25 12 Jul 2004

Cheers for that!
Now I know what BUMP is for!

  Sethhaniel 10:09 12 Jul 2004

Also used by members - if the information in the post is of use to them - to put into their own postings for further reading.

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