Bullseye Network

  Alan H E 12:02 22 Jan 2005

Had this & deleted using Add/remove programs. However having looked today in startup folder it is still there in c:\Program Files\BullsEye Network\bin\bargains\exe. Have run CCleaner Spybot & AdAware. If I do search for Bullseye in find folder no result. Running 98se. Should have said not ticked in startup. Advice please.

  LeadingMNMs 14:05 22 Jan 2005

Its just an old entry in the registry, the program was probably removed long ago.

  VoG II 14:10 22 Jan 2005
  Diemmess 14:14 22 Jan 2005

I'm certain that you have been infested with some of the really difficult to remove malware. That is why the programs you have used have failed to clear the last bits.

Having been there myself and rescued by both Mark2 and Nellie2, I have watched other posts and seen how their skill and generous nature, solves these problems every time.

You need to download the latest version of HighjackThis click here
to your HD. When you run it it will list everything that really IS running with check boxes at the start of each line. At this point simply save the log file.

Now open this logfile (it opens in Notepad), highlight and copy the first half of it.

Start a new thread - "For Nellie2 or Mark2" - which may flag your post hoping they will see it.

Then in the Message part, make a short explanation and then paste the first half of the logfile. ...........To send more than half in one post may exceed the 800 word limit and not transmit!

It will be much easier to read if you "edit" the logfile bit before posting, by inserting a one line space between each log-line. It will look very straggly in the message box, but much better on Helproom.

Post that one now.

Now post a "Response" say headed "Log Part 2."
Paste the second half of the logfile, expand it and post this responce.

Now just sit back and wait. One of those two will take care of you, but it may be a while. They just like helping, but still have their own lives to run

  Diemmess 14:18 22 Jan 2005

I watched your post remain unanswered for a couple of hours, and then by the time I had written this lot, VoG™ as ever offered short, pithy and better advice!

  VoG II 14:22 22 Jan 2005

Of you do post a HJT log I suggest that you title it "HJT log" or similar click here

Also, be sure to save HJT in its own folder before running it.

  Alan H E 18:17 22 Jan 2005

Thank you all will try VoG's link first - will start new thread if I have to use HJT.

  Alan H E 18:19 22 Jan 2005

PS to above - had to go out unexpectidly.

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