Bullguard Warning

  ponytail 20:10 11 Jul 2012

I have had the following message from bullguard a few times .Can someone tell me what it is. Trojan.General.KDV.666684 Has been detected and moved into quarantine

  Nontek 20:22 11 Jul 2012

It means exactly what it says - your Security program has found a Trojan (Virus type thingy) which it has move into quarantine - meaning that the Trojan is no longer a threat.

  Nontek 20:24 11 Jul 2012

I would advise you to run a full scan with MalwareBytes or similar to make sure no other nasties are lurking on your PC.

Having had the message a few times, you should check that no one is visiting dodgy sites with your PC.

  ponytail 22:37 11 Jul 2012

Hi nontek That message has just appeared again.I dont have malwarebytes but have CCLEANER which I use regular.

  john bunyan 22:40 11 Jul 2012

CCleaner is not a malware scanner.If you have malawarebytes launch it, check for updates then scan your PC

  john bunyan 22:45 11 Jul 2012

Sorry I see you do not have it. Another good one is Superantispyware see here for free download. SAS

Download it and run a scan, then do one about weekly - check for updates first.

  john bunyan 22:48 11 Jul 2012

Hereb is link for free Malawarebytes, also good. Malawarebytes Free

  lotvic 01:31 12 Jul 2012

It might be a false positive, can you go into quarantine and see more details?

  ponytail 09:06 13 Jul 2012

hi lotvic how do I check quarantine

  ponytail 09:23 13 Jul 2012

Hi Again lotvic have just checked on quarantine and these trojans are there.They have been quarantined on a regular basis.I have malawarebytes installed and have scanned and it did come up with these issues and I clicked on remove do why do they keep re-appearing.

  anniesboy 10:23 13 Jul 2012

Contact Bullguard Support via their home page ,use live chat or email,I'm sure they will advise.

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