Bulldog for Broadband? Or not????

  NormyNorm 00:45 06 Dec 2005

Hi,can anyone provide any feedback on Bulldog (from Cable & Wireless) as a Broadband provider?

I'm sick of 56k dial-up speeds & have (finally!) decided to leap onto the Broadband wagon and their current deal looks too good to be true. £9-95 per month for B/band + £10-50 for phone, replacing the BT line, for a 2Mb (at the moment in my area) service.

I won't be a heavy downloader (no intention of getting an Ipod - a 512Mb MP3 player's good enough for me!) so the 1Gb per month limit is fine - should cope with keeping the firewall etc. updated.

Any horror stories of bad contention etc. etc.? Any good things to say about it, or should I go with the old stalwarts: Pipex/BT/Plusnet/Tiscali? Am with Force9 at mo' - they seem to be affiliated with Plusnet.

Any thoughts/feedback/advice gratefully received.

Oh & some feedback from me: don't expect any kind of customer service from Pixmania. I bought a Fuji Finepix S9500 from them recently, received a 142 page user manual - in French, + an email saying "click on this link to get your user manual download". Link doesn't work, searching both their site + Fuji's (including registering with 'My Fuji') provided no manual. You can't reply to Pixmania's Customer Service (sic), needing to complete an online form - in which I drew their attention to their terms & conditions which do NOT state that for Fuji cameras you need to download the manual, nor that it might come in French. 3 automated identical responses later & I gave up. Finally got a manual by emailing Fuji UK who sent me a link that did work.
Moral of the story - cheapest isn't always best - I only chose Pixmania over Dabs as Dabs had none in stock. "nd time I've had problems with Pixmania & I'll never use them again.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:32 06 Dec 2005

Bulldog have had a mixed reception - simply google uk for bulldog and you will find a lot of disaffected people.

My instinct would be to urge caution - read the reviews yourself and make an informed choice.

  The Rhino 08:36 06 Dec 2005

Have had bulldog for approx 3 months ....... initially appalling customer service but fast speeds ....... seem to have got their act together now however still suffering occasional diconnection which may be my end as i am running a fax, telephone and 2 sky connections on the same line

  kro 12:45 06 Dec 2005

Just a thought, but are you sure a 1GB limit is what you want?

I've just changed my BB ISP and gone from 2 GB limit to an unlimited package. Like you I initially thought that I would never reach the limit, but the reality is that you have to think about everything you download and how much it all adds up to. BB gives you access to large demos, freeware, music and movies, and while you might not be a heavy downloader at the moment the limitations of dial-up mean that it's not really viable. Once you get the increase in speed it's likely you'll also want to increase the quanity.

In my experience the difference between limited and unlimited download allowances is the same as the difference between droadband and dial-up.

  sunny staines 16:38 06 Dec 2005

I have bulldog the internet speed is excellent. the customer service had a spell where it was dreadful in getting any reply on the phone or email.
they seem to be back on track now my last call was answered straight away.

  NormyNorm 17:40 06 Dec 2005

Thx for the feedback so far guys, will continue to look round. Thx KRO for thoughts on unlimited - v good point.
Been looking at Plusnet at lunch (PAYG option, to allow flexibility of d/loads, £1 per extra Gb)
I guess the search continues .....

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