Bulldog broadband

  MIKE. 21:34 27 Oct 2008

My Aunt has Bulldog as her ISP and has had so much trouble she is going to ditch it ASAP. I would like to know can she keep her Bulldog email address if she goes to some other ISP.

  MIKE. 21:56 27 Oct 2008


  johnnyrocker 22:10 27 Oct 2008

and your question is?


  bluto1 22:36 27 Oct 2008

I doubt it because her new ISP will have their own email address set ups already.

  MIKE. 08:47 28 Oct 2008

Thanks johnnyrocker sorry if I did not make myself clear. I wanted to know if my aunt left Bulldog Broadband and went to O2 as an example, she would be given an O2 email address. Could she still access her Bulldog emails from an her O2 ISP. My question is would she automaticaly lose her Bulldog Email address as Bulldog will not be her ISP or can she still access her Bulldog emails from O2. Hope this clears up the confusion.

  sunnystaines 10:47 28 Oct 2008

I am a bulldog customer, they are having problems with emails at present, there appears to be no more bulldog support anymore not sure if temp or not.

the the bulldog tech support number is no longer active nor their web. pipex support will transfer bulldog support to tiscali who in turn tell you to phone pipex if you try and explain the saga to them they hang up on you.

  MIKE. 17:26 28 Oct 2008

Thanks sunnystaines seems a company to keep away from.

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