mneopaws1947 18:59 10 Jun 2004

HI, I want to build my own computer and need to know:
What parts do i need
Best place to buy them
Best site for information on how to build one
If you could help it would be greatly appriciated

  Rayuk 19:11 10 Jun 2004

You could have a quick look through this site just to get an idea of what it entails to build your own.

May be a little dated on certain components but certainly worth a look
click here

  Totally-braindead 19:15 10 Jun 2004

First thing I have to say is building a PC is not brain surgery anyone can do it BUT be prepared for things to go wrong because they will and don't panic. Follow the instructions exactly as written and do things in the order that you are told to and hopefully everything will work out. Now regarding actually building a PC for the first time, I personally would recommend buying a bare bones system .That is, a motherboard, processor and memory which is bundled together. Tha main reason I suggest this is one of the problems you can have is the motherboard you buy not liking the particular brand/make of memory and the problems this can cause and the other reason is ensuring that the motherboard can handle the processor. If you're not that keen on building it yourself there is no financial advantage anymore to building your own PC then why not try building one on line. If you go to Novatech at click here for example you can create whatever PC you want, alter components to your hearts content until you get the one you want at the price you want, and then get them to build it for you.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:37 10 Jun 2004

Building your own pc is the greatest of achievements. I know it isn't difficult (i've done it 3 times) but the buzz you get saying this is all my own work, and not just a bare-bones machine that you have added peripherals to, gives you a sense of achievement not matched. click here and get all the help you'll need. TT

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:08 10 Jun 2004

Should give you lots of tips and help

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:09 10 Jun 2004
  mneopaws1947 00:30 11 Jun 2004

Thanks for all the help, to all. I have always wanted to build my own comp, the reason at the moment, though, is I am desperate for a new tower and only have £160 and thought building one was the cheapest way to go !!

  MartinT-B 08:46 11 Jun 2004

Build your own is no longer the cheapest way.

There are 1000's of damn good offers out there. You can even get a pretty good sysytem from the Littlewoods catalogue!

The reason I built mine was to get what I wanted/needed.

click here for a pretty good all-round PC information site

  bananaslik 09:09 11 Jun 2004

i agree with MartinT-B there's nothing like building your own to what you want but sadly these days it is cheaper to just buy a complete package.i saw a amd 2000 system in big w with printer,scanner,monitor & tower for only £400.

  vaughan007 09:13 11 Jun 2004

Unless you spend weeks sourcing cheap components its cheaper just to buy a whole system.

So I guess it really just depends why you are doing it...if its to save money...dont bother.

  Jakey boy 09:50 11 Jun 2004

I am on my second self-built machine now, and I can safely say that the feeling of achievement that you get from building your first computer, far outweighs the potentially higher costs involved. Go for it, but beware....you'll get hooked!!

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