built a pc, wont connect

  Jsimbaz 21:57 01 Apr 2005

i built my friend a pc (amd64 3200+, 1gb ram nvidia 5600fx graphics)

He has connected to a hub/switch with the asus k8n motherboard onboard lan. there is no internet connection, so what should i do to get one?


  LastChip 22:17 01 Apr 2005

How does he normally connect?

A hub/switch by itself wont connect. You have to have some form of modem.

  Jsimbaz 22:19 01 Apr 2005

sorry, should have been precise, he connects to a modem on the switch, how do i get to change the ip addie, subnet mask and gateway? theres nothing is the tray btw, i dnt know if the lan/ethernet port drivers are installed

  LastChip 22:33 01 Apr 2005

So what controls how the modem connects?

Does it require computer software, if so, has it been loaded? Has it been correctly configured for his ISP?

Is it via cable or telephone line?

Some service providers tie their service to a NIC address. If this is the case, his ISP will have to set it up from their end, as clearly this will have changed.

There are so many possibilities that you need to be a little more specific in posting what you are doing.

  Jsimbaz 22:39 01 Apr 2005

ok the network is in place, and he wants to add another pc to it - its a cable modem i think

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