Built PC, Windows XP, No HDD!!

  automatichigh 16:36 01 Nov 2003

I really need someones help here!
I've just built my own PC.
tried to load Windows XP Pro
Error message saying it doesnt see any bootable hard disk.

My HDD is 120GB Western Digital Caviar and is using S-ATA.

This is my mothboard --> click here

Any help on configurations greatly appreciated!



  slimbo51 16:43 01 Nov 2003

Is th H/Drive Ide cable right way round....?

Have u low level formatted the drive...?

Created an active Partition...?

Formatted the drive...?

Please post back with answers to above.

  TBH1 16:44 01 Nov 2003

do you not have to fdisk and format first? Not sure with xp but with the ones I've done had to fdisk first.

  AndySD 16:46 01 Nov 2003

Or try Data Lifeguard click here=

  Legolas 16:48 01 Nov 2003

automatichigh As has been said above you will need to FDISK and format your HDD before it will be recognized.

  DieSse 16:53 01 Nov 2003

It's a SATA drive (serial) and needs to be handled differently.

To install XP it does NOT need to be Fdisked and formatted first - XP does that for you.

When you boot up from the XP CD - you will get a short way in and it will ask you if you need to load SATA drivers - you do - so select that option and follow the instructions.

  automatichigh 16:55 01 Nov 2003

Problem is I have no SATA drivers to load!

  slimbo51 16:56 01 Nov 2003

I stand corrected with DieSee who is correct.

Must learn to read all the post and not part of it.

Please accept appology.

  automatichigh 17:33 01 Nov 2003

Dear me, is it going to be a problem if I put BOTH power supplies in? I've just read the sticker on the hard disk and it says only use one or you'll cause damage to the hard disk.

How likely is it that REAL damage has been caused?

  DieSse 17:38 01 Nov 2003

Download driver from here click here

  automatichigh 17:53 01 Nov 2003

OK, just downloaded SIIG Serial ATA Controller Windows Driver.

Just tested it with installation

No luck, XP still says Setup did not find any hard disk drives intalled in your computer.

Just for reference the drive is plugged into SATA0_S1, there are others including SATA0_SB

is there any difference in plugging the drive into one of the others?

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