built a pc but having memory troubles

  masterchief117 19:25 21 Aug 2005

ok this is a long 1. ive just built my first pc, new tower, new motherboard, new processor. my trouble is my memory, a friend lent me some ram as ive not the money at the mo to buy it. he let me have 2 256mb memory, ive put them in but things seemed a bit slow so i checked to see wot memory was reading. it comes up with 190mb so i took 1 stick out n tried again, still 190mb. so i changed the sticks round and its the same again. My motherboard is a Jetway A353DMS with onboard ATI graphics n the processor is a Celeron D 2.8ghzeverything seems fine apart from the memory which is a pain as its slowing things up. now i check the M'board manual n it says it takes DDR266, 333, 400 n a couple off pages on says it DDR SDRAM clock is set at 166mhz to use only PC2700-compliant DDR. so does this mean that u can get DDR266 in other compliant formats n that the sticks i got could be wrong? or is there a setting in xp or in the BIOS that can be changed to sort it out. sorry its long but i really wnt help with this

  Totally-braindead 19:29 21 Aug 2005

I would go with what Crucial say click here perhaps the memory you have is ECC type.

  User-312386 19:30 21 Aug 2005

there should be a setting in BIOS to lower the mhz on ram

Have you loaded the chipset drivers?

  masterchief117 19:33 21 Aug 2005

cheers, they might work but damn their pricey arn't they. thats £15 more per 512mb stick than most sites ive looked at. ill keep looking unless some1 knows better

  masterchief117 19:35 21 Aug 2005

chipset drivers, r they on the cd that came with the motherboard as ive loaded everything that was on it. I found the DDR setting in BIOS havnt touched it yet, i need to lower it right to see if it helps

  User-312386 19:39 21 Aug 2005

yes they are, however, they are normally old

what type of chipset is the MOBO? Nvidia? ATI?

  masterchief117 19:42 21 Aug 2005

ATI the whole board is pretty much ATI

  masterchief117 19:48 21 Aug 2005

ATI RADEON 9000PRO IGP (RC350) North Bridge chipset

  User-312386 19:49 21 Aug 2005

click here and go to drivers and software section

  User-312386 19:50 21 Aug 2005
  masterchief117 19:56 21 Aug 2005

cheers ill let you know when its done weather its worked or not, cheers again

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