Built a new PC but nothing happens when I power up

  Liam2000 18:53 25 Feb 2019

I am brand new to the PC building world but have always wanted to build my own gaming PC, luckily I had a friend to help me pick the parts and direct me to put it all together. The PC specifics are; - Intel Core i7 Processor - GTX 1060 graphics card - Masterliquid lite 120 CPU cooler - Hyper X 4GB x2 (8GB total) - GIGABYTE Z3703 D3 Mother board - EVGA 500w Power Supply I have built the PC following all the instructions on videos and the manuals and have been assisted with people who have previously built PC's, however the PC does not turn on, does not make any sounds and does absolutely nothing. I have tried the basic solutions to ensure I am not being silly but it has not helped. Can anyone help me with this problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:37 25 Feb 2019

Usual error is not conneting the 4 /8pin connector next to the CPU.

Also worth checking you haven't bent or broken any pins on the cpu.

  wiganken2 09:08 26 Feb 2019

To ensure power is being delivered can you see if there are any lights showing on the motherboard? If you see lights then power is there. If no lights then could be the PSU. I had this situation and it proved to be a faulty motherboard.

  Forum Editor 09:16 26 Feb 2019

You say that you have tried the basic solutions, did that include trying to start the machine with the case cover off? That would enable you to do what wiganken2 suggests, and check for lights.

If the PSU fan doesn't run, you need look no further - check the most obvious things first.

  LV426 10:43 26 Feb 2019

Power button not connected to correct header pin.

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