Built computer - Small problem!

  Gaz 25 23:19 26 Jan 2003

I have a brand new computer that works great, built from scratch. Only thing is on the keyboard " is @ and @ is " they are the wrong way round, how can I solve this?

Also The DVD drive will not read DVD's because windows installed a CD-ROM driver not a DVD one as my DVD did not come with one.

Also windows says detecting and a wait sign is showing, how can I speed up the process?


  VoG™ 23:23 26 Jan 2003

For the keyboard settings, Control Panel, Keyboard and Control Panel Regional and Language Settings.

  Gaz 25 23:27 26 Jan 2003

I have an Asus Graphics card which has it's own driver for the keyboard should I remove it and install the PS/2 standard?

  VoG™ 23:30 26 Jan 2003

Only if the Control Panel options won't work.

  obbit 23:32 26 Jan 2003

Hi Gaz 25 ....before u do anything else follow VoG™. that will do the job usually. you will need your O/S cd.


  woodchip 23:33 26 Jan 2003

For DVD you need something like Power DVD

  DieSse 23:42 26 Jan 2003

The DVD will not read DVD ROMS, or DVD Films??

If films, see woodchips answer. If it won't read DVD-ROMS then this is more serious.

  Gaz 25 23:43 26 Jan 2003

Thanks, VoG!!!

My DVD however will not even run DVD software let alone DVD movies.

It is installed as a CD-ROM not a DVD, how can I get XP to install the DVD driver?


  DieSse 00:05 27 Jan 2003

There isn't a DVD driver except the one in Windows - Win should have recognised it correctly.

Try Removing it from the installed hardware list, then reboot and let Win redetect it.

  duplo 00:05 27 Jan 2003

If you know the make of your DVD drive can you download the drivers from the Net?

You can try seeing if you can manually select the Hardware options by-

-right click my computer, properties.
-Harware tab, then device manager
-select the CD (DVD) rom drive by right clicking and then select to update driver. Manually select a DVD driver?

I dont know if you can do that...I am in 2K at the moment.

  VoG™ 00:10 27 Jan 2003

If it won't play DVDs you need a DVD player and/or codecs. This one is free click here

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