Built in Card Reader Problem

  Lettervanman 12:42 15 Oct 2005

XP Pro on an Evesham plenty of space and memory.
My camera uses SD cards and I have no problem loading pictures on to computer direct from camera or using the card reader on my HP printer.
However,the same card when inserted into the card reader on the tower gives no end of trouble.
If I insert it after startup it will read and load picture but if I try again, say in 10 mins.I get I/O device Error.If I try to write to the card I get "Cyclic Redundancy Error" whatever that is!
The same card,or others work fine if used in printer or camera.
Any thoughts please?

  vinnyT 13:33 15 Oct 2005

Google page for "Cyclic Redundancy Error"

click here

  jack 13:52 15 Oct 2005

Well now you are full of technobabble so waht!

At aguess the printer card reader software is conflicting with the built in cardreader.

If you are not actually printing, disconnect the USB
or power down the printer.
The onboard reader should then work.

  Lettervanman 17:19 15 Oct 2005

I have tried with printer disconnected and still get the error.
I have read the link and it refers to disc corruption, which may still be relevent to a sd card but the point is,I can read and write to the card when it is in the printer,so the card is o.k.
The strange thing is that the card can be read when the computer is first booted or comes out of hibernate but not after that! Also there is a very slow response when clicking my computer to access the drives,this is not the case with the card in printer or camera.
Strange or what?

  Lettervanman 10:29 16 Oct 2005


  jack 10:39 16 Oct 2005

If this is a new problem and the PC reader worked OK before then it could be nothing more than crud on a contact in the reader I guess.
How to clean is another story
A strip of card to dimensions of the media card with some cleaning fluid - alchohol -on it perhaps
or perchance some one will have a brain wave

  Lettervanman 10:48 16 Oct 2005

I have not used the card reader much before,normaly connect the camera. This time camera was in car and so I put spare card in the reader.Don't think it could be dirt,and it seems to upset the system when it tries to read.
I will pass this one to Evesham support and see what they come up with!

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