Built 2 systems same problem on startup

  PhiltheFragger 22:37 22 Jun 2003

Hi chaps

Recently built 2 different boxes for friends. they use different Mobo's , hard drives. Same CPU
Athlon XP 2000, Same CDRW ( Asus).Both are running w98 SE . both have the same problem on a cold start.

It boots, Beeps once . loads w98 screen then freezes. if you restart you can ignore safe mode option and start windows normally, and it starts no problems. also no problems on a restart.

Done Norton Utilities scan, Norton Antivirus is clear. done SFC. clear

Any assistance most welcome.

  DAICAP 23:52 22 Jun 2003

What memory are you using as it could be a problem with this.
If you got a system thats working ok and has compatible memory try using it in the new systems.

See the link below

click here

  keith-236785 23:54 22 Jun 2003

in the bios change the setting for fast boot to normal (or whatever it is on the motherboards in question), this will give the computers a few seconds to "warm up", apart from that try the web sites of the Mobos, see if there are newer bios's available, you could flash the bios.

only do the bios flash as a last resort though.

see if anyone else can offer better advice, im sure they will.

good luck.

  PhiltheFragger 09:05 25 Jun 2003

Done the above No joy

Cant see any Bios upgrades available for the 2 Mobo's ( Asus & Gigabyte)

Memory works ok in other systems

Any other ideas ?

  TechMad 09:17 25 Jun 2003

I had a similar sounding situation. Does the CD-RW lights on the drive keep flashing?? This is what happened on my machine (twice). The computer seems to get in a loop of checking the drive, find nothing and so check again.

However on a warm boot up the drive checked itself twice and proceeded. Does this sound similar?

  TechMad 09:19 25 Jun 2003

For some reason there seems to be some compatibilty problems between CD-RWs and motherboards as my friends have also been in a similar situation.

  PhiltheFragger 09:26 25 Jun 2003

Hi Techmad,

sound like we may be onto something here

Both cdrw units are by Asus.

May get hold of another make & swap over

I may have a look at the asus website as well


  Rtus 09:32 25 Jun 2003

You could also try putting the CDRW drive on IDE2 on its own if possible, set as Master.Also look to norton utilities ..If my memories correct it can cause the same problems..

  PhiltheFragger 09:41 25 Jun 2003

Asus websire is not much use, there are some downloads for the CDRW but nothing that lookas as if it will sort the problem.

I will try the suggestion of isolating the CDRW as secondary Master, the only issue I have with this is that the ribbon cables are not long enough to reach from the mobo to the hdd and also the CDR.

Techmad, How did you sort your problem?

  Rtus 09:49 25 Jun 2003

Just for the time being use the IDE1 for Hd and then IDE2 as CDRW drive alone both as masters..leaving the CDR unplugged/out of the picture ..If that clears the problem ..Move the drives physically around to accommodate the cables.

  Bodi 09:51 25 Jun 2003

Have you tried disabling the plug and play O/S in the BIOS? Could be that Windows and the BIOS settings for IRQs are at odds with each other.

May help. - I always disable the plug & play O/S with Windows 98se.


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