Building your own workstation

  kultigin 04:10 09 Feb 2012

Hi all,

I want to build a workstation from the start for very fast(and also high quality) video editing(exporting) with Premiere Pro CS5.5. The workstation has to be as strong as a Mac Pro 12-core or a HP Z600/Z800 workstation, but has too cost way less than these two. My budget is between 1000-3000euro. Firstly, is it possible to put two cpu's inside a motherboard that supports dual cpu, and if yes, will the computer then work the same like a 2x6cores Mac Pro or a HP Z600/Z800(so it will not become a server pc but a workstation)? And will this self-build workstation work correctly and not have unfixable crashes or bugs?

Which hardware components do you recommend?

I want to build a workstation with these settings: -a good motherboard(which does not get broken all the sudden)(not too expensive) on which you can upgrade components in the future -two six-core processors
-24gb ram
-Quadro 2000 or 4000 graphics card
-1, 2 or 3 x ssd harddisk
-possible raid controller -and more...

-Which motherboard(not too expensive) will work the best like a 2x6-core Mac Pro or a HP Z600/Z800?

-I am thinking about buying one(one pair) of these Intel Xeon Processors: X5690, X5675, X5660. Which one should be enough for fast exporting(and high quality) in Premiere Pro? And is it possible to use two I7 processors like a dual processor in a workstation? If yes, will the two I7 processors work as good as two Xeon processors? Is the best I7-processor as good as an Xeon processor?

-Which brand(and which speed) of RAM memory should i buy which works fastest for 24 gb(should i buy it 6x4gb or 3x8gb?)? Should 16gb of RAM also be enough for video editing?

-I dont want to spend too much money on a graphics card. Will there really be a big difference in performance(video encoding speed and video encoding output quality) between a Quadro 2000 or other high-end cards like Quadro 4000 or 5000?

-Will Premiere Pro work good with only one ssd harddisk(100-200gb) and without a raid controller? If not, do i really need multiple ssd harddisks(+raid controller) for faster video-editing? Which brand ssd harddisk should i buy?

-Which other hardware components should i buy? Will a 600watt powersupply be enough?

-Which shop has a reliable reputation with selling hardware(which are completely new and not used) components, and where can i find the actual lowest price of each component?

-Where/How can i get a warranty(guarantee) for the expensive processors(and the other expensive components), if something goes wrong during installation of the cpu's in the motherboard(or if the cpu's were broken before i even have opened them? Does Intel provide such a warranty(guarantee)?

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