Building Your Own Laptop

  mark3986 17:10 10 Jun 2009

does anybody have any helpful and useful tips on building your own laptop??e.g where get the memory from and HD,motherboard etc and any other useful tips and advice??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:23 10 Jun 2009

click here It is not a task that I would ever contemplate.


  jack 17:35 10 Jun 2009

I would not have thought it possible.
Perhaps Mark may be better served to acquire a scrap example and have a bit of practice to see how it goes before shelling out loads of money.

  citadel 20:14 10 Jun 2009

ocz have barebones laptops but there are only 3 or 4 components to add.

  interzone55 20:41 10 Jun 2009

All computer suppliers tend to purchase a laptop carcass, be they Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP etc.

The carcass will include the case, motherboard, screen & keyboard. All the supplier will add is CPU, RAM, optical drive and hard drive.

There are so many things that can go expensively wrong when building a laptop I wouldn't even start but if you do try one thing I would advise is that you make absolutely, positively 100% sure that the display you buy fits the case and is compatible with the graphics chipset on the motherboard.

When I did PC repair we would have 4 or 5 makes of each size & resolution screen, because some screens just wouldn't work with some chipsets...

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