Building a website from a server

  Jamesrussell25 11:59 09 Aug 2018


In general I understand a lot of technical stuff, however this is a very new thing for me and would appreciate some direction :)

Essentially, we currently run a small web based company, currently using a 3rd Party hosting website to run our ecommerce shop. But as we begin to grow we want to be able to bring development in house so we have more flexibility to create additional web pages and more further functionality above what we currently can do.

What we would like is below: - some sort of server to hold anything required for website development, plus storage for any image and design files - the ability for either a windows pc or an Apple Mac to load from and save to the server - to have an oracle database link to and from a website through visual studio

Unfortunately I have no idea where to start in being able to set up/arrange this to the point at which I only need to worry about the website development. Would you be able to offer some technical advice about how to get to a solution?

Thanks in advance :)


  Forum Editor 15:27 09 Aug 2018

You can run your own web-server in house, and develop and host your site on that, but frankly there is little point. You would have all the expense, and the hassle of maintaining the server 24 hours a day, every day and ensuring that you had enough bandwidth to deal with the traffic as your business grows.

A far better solution is to host your site with one of the reputable hosting companies. You'll have a flexible business package that can grow with the business, and your site will be hosted in a state of the art server facility - either on a shared server, or a dedicated one if your traffic warrants it.

You can develop the site on your office computer(s) and upload changes at will, any time you like. Most small to medium sized businesses do it that way.

I have run sites with this company for a number of years, and have found them to be excellent - plenty of options, and a very high level of service.

Companies like this understand the needs of business users, and your hosting package will come with a comprehensive range of sophisticated tools and facilities. E-commerce integration is a given - pretty well every business runs an online shop these days.

  Taff™ 15:37 09 Aug 2018

I'll second what FE says. There is little point trying to run the server from home unless you like a challenge or a total distraction from actually developing your main business!

And before even clicking on his link to "This Company" it is Heart Internet and their UK based level of service is exceptionally understated. I followed FE's advice on this 10+ years ago and it has proved worthwhile many times over. I also host a few business sites for customers on their servers.

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