building a website (help needed)

  bluerenaultman 19:17 11 Apr 2009

Hi, my wife is wanting to build a website, money is obviously an issue so we are looking for some ideas/free software/names of companies who can help. (We have registered the domain name with 123-reg) We must be able to sell off it and have high resoloution pictures uploaded to it.We are fairly novice to this area of computing so it must be user friendly. We have been looking at Wix/Wordpress so far?? Thanks in advance for your ideas/help.

  Clapton is God 19:26 11 Apr 2009

Wouldn't the Webdesign Forum be a better place?

  OTT_Buzzard 23:51 11 Apr 2009

at who you are going to use to host your domain. A lot of the hosting companies have 'site builder' software that will get you close to where you want to be.

As you are looking at displaying hi res pictures, make sure you ask the potential hosting companies what there typical upload / download speeds are otherwise your potential customers will end up waiting forever for a picsture to load.

  Proclaimer 17:04 14 Apr 2009

click here WebPlus SE is FREE from the link supplied and if you like the look of that then I would recommend you buy Webplus 10 which may cost £25.00.

For hosting and great User/Tech Support take a look at Storminternet here click here I found them very helpful when I set up my site.

Add a google webcart and you should be able to sell from the site

  Forum Editor 00:10 16 Apr 2009

from Absolute beginners.

  No.1 Cena Fan 20:57 08 May 2009

Try Google Sites

click here

  GemmaShaw 08:34 28 Sep 2009

Yeah googling will be a good option.

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  neilpatmore 07:35 29 Sep 2009

You may want to look at one of the subscription services where you pay a monthly feel. If you are wanting to sell from the site you need to use a payment gateway and you need a merchant account to take payment. You'll also need to be PCI Compliant.

An alternative would be to use Google Checkout or Paypal for payment processing but this works out more expensive in the long run due to transaction charges.

If you decide to build/host the site yourselves you need to ask a couple of questions before deciding on what software to use. How many products will be in the catalogue? How often does the content need updating? Do the products have SKU's? Do you need to add products reguarly?

These questions will help determin what type of system you need.

If you are technically minded the best bet would be to download one of the many open source packages and taking a look localy on your machine. The best at present is Magento, you may also like to look at Vevo Cart and ozCommerce too.

  Dragonfly2 12:24 29 Sep 2009

I agree with No. 1 Cena Fan - try Google Sites. I've got a small simple website with them. You can use one of their templates, or configure your own, or a combination of both. If you have a Google Account, you can set up a test website, configure it so that you aren't sharing it with anyone, i.e. nobody else can see it, and just play around. I still keep my test website, and use it to try out new ideas before I change the main site.

Google Sites doesn't get much of a mention in this Forum - not quite sure why. I heard about them from another forum.

Good luck.

  Darkie80 16:01 01 Oct 2009

A website builder is a good option. Building a decent site from scratch requires expertise in html/php/web-design and many other things. Hiring a professional may cost a fortune, so it is not an option, if you're budget minded. A website builder is both relatively cheap and easy to handle. If you are planning to sell via the Internet, I guess it is ok to invest a little bit in order to enjoy a revenue afterwards. I would recommend Site123[dot]com.

  ashleycardwell94 21:34 04 Oct 2009 offer an instant site eApplication and e-commerence, try them but are you hosting with them?

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