Building a professional web site

  Legolas 18:46 30 Oct 2004

I have built a couple of web sites the latest one being click here and although its not bad I would like to be able to give my sites a more professional look, can anyone suggest a tutorial or software that would enable me to learn how to be more professional in website building.

  sean-278262 19:19 30 Oct 2004

using dreamweaver is probably the best (very expensive) but frontpage is a very good and popular editor also.

click here

go to the internet section and try downloading some of the editors (specifically the WYSIWYG ones) its all a matter of choice. Once you find one you like stick with it but always keep an eye out for other titles that may serve you better in the future.

  Forum Editor 19:30 30 Oct 2004

such as DreamWeaver, NetObjects Fusion, and Microsoft FrontPage 2003. All of them are excellent, and all have their strengths and weaknesses (and associated learning curves).

For your particular set of circumstances I think i would recommend that you obtain a copy of FrontPage 2003 and use the superb online tutorial highlighted by Queen's lead in his thread about Microsoft training.

click here and see what you think.

  Legolas 19:44 30 Oct 2004

Forum Editor and Creature of the Nite Thank you for the replies.

Forum Editor when I click your link It takes me to a Microsoft site telling me to enable cookies I have enabled them in fact they were never disabled. But when I click on the training link I get redirected to the same site click here can you advise

  Legolas 19:48 30 Oct 2004

Ignore last comment all ok.

  monkon2 20:54 30 Oct 2004

another option here is namo web editor, ort of a midway house between frontpage and dreamweaver, namo comes with software to run a forum similar to this from your computer using built in server software

for more info go here:

click here

  Matt45 22:56 30 Oct 2004

You could always try using some templates - click here

  Damo. 18:37 13 Nov 2004

You could have the best software out there and still not manage to get a professional looking site.

I had a look at your site and whilst being good, does lack the professional look. One thing I have found as the reason for this is the use of bright bold primary colours, particulary when used as background colours and font colours.

Your site, would look better with a simple white background, with some black/navy text and the right font.

Another thing I've found helps is the alignment of the text. Using tables is a good way of controlling the information on you site and can easily be adjusted.

Remember, it's not the software, it's the user.

Good Luck


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