Building a PC from scratch

  PhillyG76 06:38 30 Jun 2018

Hi, I was originally planning on upgrading the family old HP Pavilion P6205 pc by fitting something like an Asus rog strix z370 MATX board DDR4 ram, something like a GT1050ti GPU and maybe adding another later but keeping the old hard disc and software. But decided I want a PC for myself. But still like the Micro ATX size and still keen on the Z370 board with maybe an Intel 8600k CPU. And plan on just buying components every few weeks. I like the MATX size cases, the only advantages I can see for going for ATX case and Boards are that I could opt for a X299 board and more extreme GPU(s) and if wanted liquid cooling. But as the Z370 seems more than adequate, are there any other reasons why I need to consider the larger ATX size case and boards? My only concerns are the PSU. From what I can understand modular ones have no cables fitted so you have more room. Semi only comes with the essential cables fitted and non modular has all or most power cables fitted so gives you less flexibility. So for me semi seems the best advantage. But are there are serious drawbacks in trying to save and get a non modular PSU? I’m pretty sure the i8600 will be a good choice. I don’t plan on extreme overclocking. But then there’s the i8350 which can’t be oberclocked which seems cheaper. The difficult choices really seem to be he case and PSU. I wasn’t really bothered by flashy LED’s. But think the Asus board comes with some. And I guess if you don’t have to spend much more for something that looks good then I may spend, but basically I want something that’s fit for purpose, offers flexibility and is good quality. I really don’t want to spend loads on the car. Corsair, Coolermaster and Antec seem good brands. As for storage, I think I’ll start with something like Western Digital’s 2TB black and then maybe add something like 120/250GB SSD later on. As for RAM, I’m pretty sure I’ll need 8GB, and plan on just getting that for now. And will try and be cheap. Am I better off just going for something that can match but not necessarily be higher than the CPI’s supported speed without overclock? Think it’s 2666MHZ. As I said, I’m not planning on extreme overclocking, so will I be OK getting modest speeds and adding more memory as time and money goes on, or getting a smaller amount of RAM but faster speed from the start? I’m aiming for reasonably good gaming performance with games like GTA V on reasonable settings. I know to have good settings and frame rates you will need to spend, which is why I’m thinking of something like a GTX1050ti and then adding another later on. As I said the Z370 mATX board and i8600k CPU seem really good value. But any other good suggestions? For example I’m really keen on Asus for the board. The only other brand that appeals is Gigabyte, not keen on MSI for some reason. I’ve got quite a few Amazon vouchers so will either use some or all on the board and or CPU. But now places like Scan and overclockers are popular, something is telling me, these places will be better looking the case and PSU. I’m aiming to get at least 650watts. Finally with regards for storage, I think 2TB will be adequate, and hope to add a SSD to speed up windows and maybe drivers so would 150GB be adequate? And is M.2 the best way to go? I’m used to s nine year old 1TB hard drive which is SATA1, so anything will be better. And is it worth spending more on decent cables? I guess if I don’t have to spend more than £20 to get most or all the cables then I would. But then if say maybe £10 spent every few weeks for just a few decent cables, I would consider. I hope this long detailed post makes some sense. I’d welcome any help advice, my maon concerns are MATX/ATX case and boards, amount of RAM v speed. I’d consider second hand for the case if it’s viable. Oh and also keyboard and mous, I’m more than happy with the old HP keyboard and mouse, as it is what it is. Just something plain and simple, but if some offer some good advantages then let me know. Many thanks in advance, and hope I can somehow return some of the favours even just by a small amount, look forward to the replies!

  lotvic 01:28 01 Jul 2018

You've been dithering for 12 months now and still haven't said what your budget is.

You can't go wrong if you choose your parts at novatech click here completely customisable and you will then be sure parts are compatible.

  Forum Editor 22:28 01 Jul 2018

Building your own machine used to be all the rage, years ago. We saw hundreds of threads on the subject.

Nowadays, we don't see many. Well-built machines - either off the shelf or customised to your own requirements - are readily available from many different suppliers at very reasonable prices.

lotvic's advise about parts supplier by novatech is sound. I suggest that you follow it.

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