Building a PC from scratch

  The Mountaineer 11:05 09 Feb 2010

Time for some serious assistance!
I set myself two computer goals for 2010, one was to find, install, start using Linux on a Netbook and an old PC. Done that with Linux Mint much quicker than I anticipated.
Next, having been inspired by the odd bits of help sought for motherboards, cpu's etc on this forum I set myself the task of building a PC from scratch. Started a bit of research a week or so ago looking for a good manual or book to get me going on the principles and following it as a project.
Not doing very well so far. PC World Books section only one in the Dummies guidebook series. Waterstones similar, Borders near me just shut down. Amazon, lots, but don't know what I'm looking for.
I'm quite good at following instructions (unless it applies to a stuck drawer) so I'd really appreciate advice.

  Sea Urchin 11:21 09 Feb 2010

If you have a Maplins near you they have some suitable books - (or mail order)

click here

Also, several websites will explain in detail - one example

click here

  keef66 11:34 09 Feb 2010

I've given up buying books; they date so quickly, especially in the area of computing. The internet is a such a source of advice, instruction and frequently video clips showing you how to do just about anything.

Recently I've Googled for / found help on:

rebuilding a Ford door lock
cloning / installing a bigger HDD
servicing the wheel bearings on my road bike
rewiring the central heating controls
testing the charging system on a Focus
swapping a motherboard / clean install of OS

  The Mountaineer 11:36 09 Feb 2010

Thanks, that's a good start. I do have a Maplins, forgot about them completely and I'll go tomorrow. The Maplins link you gave goes to a Haynes manual which when you click on it, it says "discontinued". This may be because there's a new version out on March 4th which I have read about on Amazon. (It could be in the suitcase for my next Kathmandu trip).
I've bookmarked the website link you give and had a quick look at that too. I couldn't resist dipping straight away into the Preparing The PC Case section as I already have a case I could use, but it may not have all the "holes" I want.
Next question, which may be very stupid ..... can you build a laptop?

  The Mountaineer 11:48 09 Feb 2010

You're right about books becoming dated, I discovered that on some of my earlier searching. However the advert for the new Haynes book out on March 4th mentions W7 etc in it's blurb so it must be reasonably up to date.
Having looked a bit more at the first website link Sea Urchin gave me, it's clear I need not only to know HOW to build the thing, but also how to choose the components. So, for example, if the motherboard is the startpoint, what are the features to look out for? I'm off to Google that bit now.

  Sea Urchin 11:49 09 Feb 2010

Can you build a laptop?

Why not - a site to get you started

click here

Technotiger might have some thoughts on that, as he rebuilt a laptop from the bottom up :@)

  The Mountaineer 11:54 09 Feb 2010

Now THAT looks promising! A US website so I need to start browsing re finding a source of components etc.
Come in Technotiger! (I hope I haven't upset him on another forum somewhere)

  sunnystaines 12:44 09 Feb 2010

before buying books, look here at these links.

click here

  The Mountaineer 12:54 09 Feb 2010

Thank you, I may be some time!
I've looked at a couple of the links and found subsequent links for components eg Microdirect that look useful too.
I'm just about at the stage where I need to go and lie down in a dark room for a while.

  sunnystaines 13:43 09 Feb 2010

useful tip

before buying motherboard go to the official web site and look at their drivers download page and check they are regulary updated.

I use a MSI motherboard and they have an excellent link to the latest drivers for their boards and a excellent help forum too
[to give you an idea here is the link to their driver updates]
click here

their are plenty of good M/B makers as well as poor ones that fail to keep drivers updated.

  john bunyan 14:00 09 Feb 2010

It may be worth looking at Novatech website - I believe they sell a "starter kit" with some components ready installed for you to complete. have not tried it myself though.

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