Building PC - Need advice on FSB

  Pikachu 11:33 25 Apr 2003

I recently bought an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard and by default the FSB is set to 266/333. Am I right that this is based on DDR so its actualy running at 133/166? If I were to buy the AMD XP 2700 (2.17 Ghz) is it ok for me to leave the jumpers at this and change the Frequency settings to 166 and the multiple can be set to 12.5. Will his give me the appropriate settings. Just want to make sure I fully understand this before I go ahead and mess around with the BIOS. Thanks for all responses.

  MartinT-B 12:08 25 Apr 2003

I have this board with an Althlon T'bred 2400+

You can change the FSB to 166 easily, and if you get RAM of PC2700, that runs at 333. This will mean that both your CPU and RAm will be in synch. That is what I have done.

I lowered the multiplier to give me same Ghz. Was originally 133 X 15 = 1995 (2Ghz) now is 166 X 12 = 1992 (2Ghz)

I have ordered a new Heatsink, so I can change the Multiplier and overclock.

My CPU runs at 35-37C normally, and 42-45C Gaming.

I started with a multipler of 10 (1.6Ghz) to start and left it for a few days, then raised it gradually over about 10 days in all to get where it is now. I didn't want to have to buy another CPU.

  Pikachu 12:24 25 Apr 2003

Thanks MartinT-B I was hoping to get the DDR3200 as the system was going to be specifically for gaming as I want to make sure it runs as fast as possible :) . Going to get two 256Mb. Does anyone know whether the faster memory is worth buying does it improve in greater performance. Also will I need to change the FSB again if I had done this or could I leave it as above. Thanks

  MartinT-B 12:41 25 Apr 2003

I decided against 3200 which = 400 I think, as I could only go up to 333 with the 166FSB.

I'm sure it'll work, tho I'm not sure of how much increase you'll get.

for more info and specifics click here and click here

They are excellent forums for the A7N8X Deluxe.

  Pikachu 12:47 25 Apr 2003

Thanks - will look into these now

  Bluescreen 12:51 25 Apr 2003

Hi Dark cloud.

The FSB should be set to 166.(166x2=333Mhz) This is the speed the mobo will run at when coupled with a 2700Xp(333MhzFSB) and with DDR2700(333Mhz) Your clock speed should max out at 13x. This will give you your 2.167MHz(13x166MHz)Make sure you have good quality Ram or you could experience lockups/problems at high settings.Don't need to buy any faster than 2700ddr as you will only use 333MHz. The extra MHz will only be wasted.

Have fun. If all goes to should be a pritty quick machine!

  Pikachu 13:11 25 Apr 2003

Thanks Bluescreen - thats great advise will look into buying the DDR2700 as don't want to waste the extra Mhz :)

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