Building pc - need advice on components!

  STEVE71163 14:35 07 Jan 2003
  STEVE71163 14:35 07 Jan 2003

Next week i am going to try and build my first pc. I have already got the case with a 300w power supply also the motherboard (ECS K7S6A) and a cd-rom and floppy drive. I have a budget of £700 left but i want to buy a 15"Tft (About£250) so i am left with about £450. Will this be enough for the rest of the bits i need? I use the pc mainly for word processing e-mail and internet use.

  Elrond 14:41 07 Jan 2003

£450 shud be sufficient for the use oyu'll get out of it. You don't mention high end games, so won't need a high end graphics card, and you probably won't need a huge processer. I cannot suggest any components but i would say you're gonna have a bit of money left to spend on something nice.

  postonchris 14:44 07 Jan 2003

you need around a 1.2 duron to 1.8 athlon XP processor. and a 64mb graphics card from Gforce.

  €dstow 14:44 07 Jan 2003

Remember you need at least one hard drive and an operating system.


  jazzypop 15:06 07 Jan 2003

You need -

1. A CPU, Heatsink and fan

2. Memory

3. Hard drive

4. Graphics card

5. Modem (unless you are going broadband)

6. Operating system

7. Speakers

You have onboard sound for now - and you will probably want to add a printer

Costs can vary greatly, according to what you specify and where you buy.

Approximate costs will be -

1. 60 - 150

2. 60 - 150

3. 60 - 200

4. 60 - 250

5. 15 - 50

6. 60 - 180 (or free, if Linux)

7. 10 - 250

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to buy the cheapest / poorest spec components and keep well within your budget.

It is also possible to completely blow it out of the water. Shop carefully and wisely, and you will end with a perfectly good system, that can be expanded later if required.

Remember not to skimp on items that cannot be upgraded / improved. For example, if you buy a slow, noisy and expensive-to-run printer, you can not upgrade it, only replace it. On the other hand, you can simply add more memory or hard drive storage space when you need it.

  AndySD 15:06 07 Jan 2003

A modemif that is how you connect to the internet and an antistatic wrist band may help.

  STEVE71163 15:12 07 Jan 2003

Thanks for the replys. I have just had a quote from a local shop-
1 Athlon 2000 cpu
1 Relisys 15"TFT Panel
1 80gb 7200 Seagate hard drive
1 Win XP OEM
1 256mb PC2100 DDR RAM
1 32mb club vga card

£575-00 inc vat

Can anyone think of anything else i will need or any improvements?

I would rather spend the £700 and get the best system i can.

  Elrond 15:15 07 Jan 2003

Get some more RAM, you may aswell bump yourself up to 512MB

  STEVE71163 15:18 07 Jan 2003

Thanks for the reply jazzypop

I dont need a modem as i am already on broadband and i have already got a printer and scanner and keyboard. All i can see missing off my list is a power lead and heat sink and fan?

  €dstow 15:20 07 Jan 2003

I would split the hard drive (not literally) - have 2 x 40gb rather than 1 x 80. You can then use part of the second drive as a (sort of) fail safe backup and the remainder for whatever you want.


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