Building a PC: anti-static mat

  bazbazbaz 19:26 29 Aug 2003

Read a guide to building a PC and it reccomends using an anti-static mat aswell as a wrist band, I searched for anti-static mats and came up with mats that you stand on and mats that you put your computer on - which did it mean? TIA

  The Sack 19:43 29 Aug 2003

I build them on the kitchen table and i do not own an anti static wrist band or mat. I touch the radiator briefly before inserting each part.

  Djohn 19:44 29 Aug 2003

Not sure! but standing on a thin rubber mat will suffice. Stop static from transferring from carpet to shoes, then your body. Main thing is to discharge any static from your body before touching PC components. Do this by leaving PC plugged into wall power socket, [Power turned off], then rub your hands on the PSU unit inside the PC. Try not to wear woollen top clothes or any nylon, [No stockings!!] ;o). This with a anti-static wrist band will do fine. j.

  Djohn 19:47 29 Aug 2003

Or do as The Sack says, most unlikely to cause a problem, unless you are the type of person that naturally has a lot of static in their body. :o) j.

  ton 20:45 29 Aug 2003

I do the same as The Sack -- no problems.

  Eastender 20:50 29 Aug 2003

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  oresome 21:00 29 Aug 2003

An antistatic mat is a conductive mat that is connected to earth via a limiting resistor. It is placed on the work surface underneath the item being worked on.
To prevent static build up requires an easy discharge path to earth. Standing on a rubber mat makes matters worse unfortunately.
Touching an earthed object prior to carrying out any work is a reasonable precaution, but a static charge can build up again in seconds, so it is no substitute for a wrist band.
Static damage may not manifest itself as a total failure of the component. but may shorten its life, so you are not in a position to know if any damage has occured for some time.

  Gedrog 21:08 29 Aug 2003

Also worthwhile having the antistatic wrist strap always better safe than sorry. It is not expensive and can save a lot of heartacke. Ask me I know oops what happened to my processor.

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