Building a pc advice required

  toni b 02:24 12 Aug 2003

I am currently buying components to build a pc .
I am trying to get a reasonable spec so far I have the following :Aopen AX4R Plus Motherboard
:WD Raptor 36GB 10,000 RPM HD
:Barracuda 120GB 7,200 RPM HD
I plan for two banks of 512 DDR ECC Memory (paired)
and a least 2.6ghz P4 or higher processor
Can any body please advise on a suitable Casing and the recommeded PSU wattage, also My father uses a lot of CAD programes so can any body suggest a suitable grapichs card ( I think this is going to be very expsensive) and anything else deemed neccesary So far all info I have learnt is purely through reading the mag, but as i have a poor memory for all the tech stuff I was hoping for advice from the powers above



  goonerbill 09:10 13 Aug 2003

if ya doing a lot of CAD work, this is the graphics card ya want click here

its going to cost a packet though and nothing by ATI or NVidia comes close.

  toni b 02:17 14 Aug 2003

Matrox ParheliaTM 256Mb I have looked at the website and I know very little about components ,so if i compared this to the 9700 and 5800 from ATI & NVidia would it also be suitable for gaming? ,In the magazines they recently done a comparison and this card was not mentioned so i am little baffled .I understand this is for professional users but i just want to be sure it performs as well as the other 2 cards mentioned ,I am sorry but the little knowledge I have has been learnt through reading pc your advise on this woulde be most appreciated

thanks Toni

  hugh-265156 02:22 14 Aug 2003

have a look click here too.

  toni b 02:40 14 Aug 2003

sorry but i tried the above link but when i try and compare the two top 2 products the page freezes and then after a few minutes returns to the same page also the same has happend when trying to view helproom any suggestions?


  hugh-265156 03:26 14 Aug 2003

works ok here.try clearing your browser cache maybe and then try it.

  toni b 13:26 14 Aug 2003

got the link working thanks

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