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  Embezzler 11:17 21 Apr 2003

Can anyone give me the name(s) of the campany(s) that i could use to build me a baseunit with case, processor and ram.

I am looking to build my first computer but do not have the time due to Uni, work, Cricket and Gym.... this way is the easier and would save me time and hopefully money.

  DAICAP 12:04 21 Apr 2003

Watford Electronics do motherboard kits(click here, but these are not installed in a case.

  Elrond 12:07 21 Apr 2003

Building a PC doesnt take that long. I am at uni also with a good few other commitments but still found timw to build mine. Putting it all together and installing the OS took me little over an hour. Surely you can spare that amount of time. Plus you will be so proud of yourself once its up and running.

All the best

  rct 12:22 21 Apr 2003

click here ... they supply pre-fabricated Asus and Acer baseunits.

  Big Elf 12:38 21 Apr 2003

Novatech have a 'Blueprint' service where you can specify options for case, motherboard, CPU etc. Although the options are limited you can still put together a relatively cheap or expensive system.

I had them build my PC and I've been very pleased with it and their service. The only problems I've had have been due to my tinkering.

  Embezzler 15:28 21 Apr 2003

Thanks for replying.

Elrond, i probably could spare some time but this options seems like the quickest option to me.

  slaveofconvention 15:52 21 Apr 2003

Not sure how up to date this info is, but CCL computers, for website click here used to offer a service where you chose all of the components you wanted (prices were pretty good too) then chuck on an extra £20 or so and they build it for you - give you a lot more flexibility than some other so called online configurators....

  Embezzler 16:31 21 Apr 2003

Thing is with CCL you have to have certain things... i just want the things i outlined at the beginning of the post. But thanks for the link!

  Mango Grummit 16:49 21 Apr 2003

I don't know what the World Record is but you probably hold it. I used to build my own puters when the savings were worthwhile but never in anything like an hour.

Can anyone beat Elrond's time?

  two00lbwaster 16:59 21 Apr 2003

an hour with what? linux????
i can put them together within 30mins but windows 2000 takes a while to format the hdd the equivelent to a full format in winxp's format options i suppose a quick format would bring the time right down an be feasible.

takes a few mins to unpack elrond lol

  Mango Grummit 17:14 21 Apr 2003

You guys must be on a good bonus scheme lol. But yes, now I think about it, it is possible. In fact I may have repaired a few that were built in a super quick time :o)

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