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  NoBrainz 16:55 03 Dec 2007

Hey all, Bit of a stupid question coming.. I'm building my first PC soon, and I'm a little confused about what goes on once you have plugged and wired all the hardware in..

I have been told that I just need to boot the computer, put the OS disc in and make sure it boots from the disc.. then install all my drivers and internet from there.. is that right? It seems a little odd that the PC would recognise all the hardware without any installation to me.. :>

Thanks for any replies, Brainz

  skidzy 17:06 03 Dec 2007

If building with new hardware your mobo should come with the driver and utilities disc.

Installing windows will use there own generic drivers to start with,then load the mobo drivers and any software that requires drivers for other hardware...such as printers etc.

  Totally-braindead 17:07 03 Dec 2007

The ways its done is this.

You build the PC and then boot from the windows CD and install windows. Windows installs itself and puts in basic drivers so everything works. You then install the motherboard drivers because although windows installs default drivers to get it going they may not be quite right, once that is done then you can install the graphics card, printers etc etc.

It is important that you install the motherboard drivers after you install windows and before you install any other hardware. Skip doing this and you might find that bits of hardware don't work properly.

All computers will work with windows default drivers but they will work at only a basic level.

Hope that helps.

  NoBrainz 17:59 03 Dec 2007

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up :)

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