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  Napster 2005 22:47 05 May 2006

I am going to build a Pc designed for gaming. I want to spend around £400-500 on a pc. I need a decent motherboard running 3.0ghz+ and if possible a 64 bit. I want it to have 4 slots for ram if possible (2 sets of 2 linked) and a decent graphics card. I would like a 256mb but if there is a 128mb better than that would be fine. Please help with where to get these parts and any you recommend? I need a hard drive 80gb+ and a decent sound card! Please Help

  Napster 2005 22:48 05 May 2006

One more thing i already have a screen

  RobCharles1981 22:54 05 May 2006

go over too click here they have some decent stuff on there

  clucker 23:37 05 May 2006

click here audigy 4 sound card oem but cheapest i could find.

  clucker 23:44 05 May 2006

should have said cheapest I found & bought.

graphics card depend on how much you want to spend, I'm running a radeon 9800 pro it still holds its own, but there are far better now.

  Solgoth 04:15 06 May 2006

I don't think that ghz is really the spec that you should be considering in terms of a processor, considering that there are vast differences between the measured clock speeds of AMD and Intel processors yet often that doesn't tell you a lot about how they'll perform in actuality.

For example, cheaper AMD 64 bit processors at 2ghz or so tend to be about equal in speed in some tests to cheaper Intel processors at 3ghz.

If you want 64 bit go for an AMD 64 processor, Intels are, I think, more expensive for similar speeds and I don't think the 64 bit is as good.

That said you can have a "3ghz" Intel Pentium 4 630 64 bit for a few quid more than an AMD 64 3200, but I imagine the performance is similar and AMD are traditionally considered faster for games in particular.

Roughly £110-£114 for these processors.

I paid £70 or so for my motherboard, an Asus A8N-E which has 4 memory slots and good spec (though no SLI for dual graphics cards). That's for an AMD socket 939 processor like the AMD 3200 I have but they no doubt have intel equivelents.

How much you can spend on the graphics card depends on how big a hard drive you want really. You could get an 80gb SATA drive for £35 or something like a 250gb SATA drive for £75.

I recommend nvidia graphics cards rather than ATI because of driver problems I've heard of and experienced with the latter. How about the new Nvidia 7600GT 256mb for £140-£150?

You also need to rememeber essentials like the case, which is often £45 or so with a rubbish generic PSU.

And a dvd rom drive or writer. Writers start from about £30 or something and DVD rom drives are about £15.

Memory is about £30 per 512mb.

I got all my stuff from novatech. I recommend them because the delivery price doesn't go up much even if you buy loads of stuff at once. Shopping around to get the individual things at the lowest prices ends up being more expensive than buying all the stuff from novatech because of individual delivery charges. Novatech delivered my 17kg of stuff within two days for £8 delivery.

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