Building a PC.

  Tazfan 12:30 02 May 2006

Apologies if this is in the wrong place.
I have been asked if I can put together a PC. I am well out of touch now days with whats hot and whats not, so I am throwing it to the PCA Massive. What is required is a bare bones system. A case has been chosen (click here), and a monitor etc is not required.
Need Motherboard, CPU (AMD 64 BIT preferred), Memory, Graphic Card capable of delivering good performance on high end games, Sound (if no on board), DVD Writer, SATA Hd of at least 120Gb.

He would like to get the stuff from Ebuyer as he is comfortable using them, and the budget is a MAXIMUM of 700. It was 500, but he has upped it a little.

I think he will also be open to the idea of buying a prebuilt system as well.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance as always.


  Tazfan 12:31 02 May 2006

I forget to mention a Power Supply, and one of the criteria is that it must be as quiet as possible.

  ScarFace(M.O.D) 13:01 02 May 2006

my lil brother built his own pc from scratch, it can end up expensive because there are extra components as you upgrade that u will need...

for example extra fans, power supply. you can also get sum kind of monitor that shows how well your computer is functioning (looks like a car cd display unit) if you like i can get him to come here and ofer u any advice he has. email me @[email protected] and i will get him to contact u k?


  Totally-braindead 15:58 02 May 2006

ScarFace(M.O.D) its not a good idea to publish your address in a public forum like this, if you want to ask someone to contact you then ask him/her to do it via the envelope next to your name.
If you have lost touch with whats on offer Tazfan them I suggest you look for a motherboard bundle such as click here or if you haven't bought the case have a look at the barebones systems such as this click here or click here make sure whatever you buy can take a dual core processor when they get cheaper, has SATA for the hard drives and has a PCI Express slot for the graphics. If hes really into games then consider a SLI motherboard so you can add a second graphics card later. I must admit I particularly like the Komplett ones as the companents are well thought out and have upgraded power supplies whereas the Novatech bundles do come with the standard power supply thats in the case.

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