building a pc

  tiger3663 18:45 02 Jan 2004

building a pc for the first time. what would you suggest for the best components e.g/ cheap mother board, processor, RAM,
any help appreciated.

  anon1 19:06 02 Jan 2004

There are so many things to consider before building a new pc. You may be better to buy high spec over a longer period of time rather than cheap. There are many sources for "parts" but will you have what you want at the end of it. If you mere;ly want to "build" a pc for the sake of saying you can do it then consider going to a few car boot sales and pulling apart some cheap and nasty pc's and building a working model from them. If you want a good spec pc then decide what you want the search the internet for best prices. I dont like to advertise but I have found dabs and novatech good reliable sources at a good price. Hope this helps you. good luck

  matt1234 19:24 02 Jan 2004

never go to a carboot for computer bit E.G. bit doesnt work take it back to the seller hes not their he moved on what do can you do? NOTHING!

Well put it this way i have a 6 year old machine that is still going stroung on the same mother board so you wont really need to think about this to much!
just get one that does the job!

i recomend a intel processor p4 as the speed of them is very good! E.G. my friend has the same pc as me just my friends pc runs a differnet processor an amd athlon i run the intel the both have 2.4gig and my intel out ran it on evrything!

ram depends on what you want to do:
playgames,video editing= 512ddr
basic games internet everything else=225ddr (aprox)

If you going to play games you will need a seperate card for other stuff on board will be fine!

the same with sound if you like your music buy a seperat card if you dont mind onboard will be fine!

onboard also will cut cost quiet alot!

  anon1 20:44 02 Jan 2004

If you read the whole thread instead of jumping to conclusions you would have noticed the point about car boot sales. I merely stated that car boots would be a challenge if the op wanted simply to build a working pc from scratch for the sake of say they had done it. Otherwise it is better to make up ones own mind about exactly what you want from a pc and build accordingly. Why build one that others suggest this or that is best. That is moving towards the mass market again. Tiger build the system YOU want and learn from your own experiences.

  anon1 20:45 02 Jan 2004

another point, just what did you use as a benchmark in your speed comparisons. AMD often outperform intel

  monkon2 22:23 02 Jan 2004

these guys normally have some good bits and pieces at good prices if you order over the net:

click here
click here
click here

This is for both ready made systems and seperate components.

thje important thing is, is to never make a decision until you have shopped around. the extra research may well save you quite a few quid.

hope this helps

  matt1234 08:00 03 Jan 2004

intel has been proven better than an amd

  matt1234 08:03 03 Jan 2004

we timed how long the machines took to load halo, fs2002, graphics and loading Aol and dialing up!

  Derek 08:40 03 Jan 2004

Please state what you want to achieve and then you'll get lots of sensible help.
If you don't, then you'll flounder in a sea of jargon, unproved specs and silly answers !

  Gongoozler 09:18 03 Jan 2004

Hi tiger3663. It really is essential that you decide first what you want to acheive with your computer build. If your needs are modest, you can build a very good computer for about £200. If you want the best performance, you can spend double that just for the processor, and the same amount again on the graphics card. What is certain though, is that you will not save a lot of money over buying off the shelf, profit margins these days make it difficult for component suppliers to be much cheaper than computer builders, but building for yourself is much more fun.

Dont get too worried about the AMD vs Intel arguments, they have been raging ever since the first Athlon appeared, and depending on what measurements are made, can be proven either way. Processors these days are so fast that the only valid tests are those made under carefully controlled laboratory conditions. Have a look at how PCA carries out it's tests for the Top10 charts.

Come back here with an outline idea of what you are after, and some very knowledgeable forum members will give you all the advice you need.

  Jakey boy 10:40 03 Jan 2004

I asked this very same question a few weeks ago. I followed the advice of some of the members and have since built 1 machine and am about to build a second - I'm hooked!! - Seriously though, shop around, and try AMD first, for your first build they are cheaper, and petty wrangling over the difference in speed etc, only serve to confuse you. it's up to you, but AMD is cheaper.

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