Building a pc?

  =SouPBoY= 19:02 13 Sep 2003

I would like to build a pc because its cheaper then buying one. Does anyone know how much I will need to spend (low budget) and if there are any guides on the internet for building a pc?

  spikeychris 19:05 13 Sep 2003
  Jester2K II 19:07 13 Sep 2003
  =SouPBoY= 19:08 13 Sep 2003

Thx spikey. But Jester dont u think i would have seen the pcadvisor section lol :P

  clayton 19:12 13 Sep 2003

Its not always cheaper to build your pwn pc, but @ least you can choose the best parts.

click here

click here

  =SouPBoY= 19:21 13 Sep 2003

Thats true clayton but there is a gr8 amount of achievement and pride from building a pc and why let peeps like Dell make u pay to build them for you?

  seedie 19:26 13 Sep 2003

The satisfaction of hearing a POST beep on your first self build has no peer. :)

Good Luck

  Jester2K II 19:28 13 Sep 2003

"The satisfaction of hearing a POST beep on your first self build has no peer. :)"

So true, so very very true....

The first build might not be the cheapest but upgrading in future will be cheaper because you can keep most of it and only upgrade whats needed. So your 2nd, 3rd and 4th PC will be cheaper than buying new...

  rickf 19:29 13 Sep 2003

Good luck. Building your own is a great experience and you learn such a lot.

  =SouPBoY= 19:29 13 Sep 2003

Cheers m8 :)

  seedie 19:40 13 Sep 2003

I found the real advantage was that it gave me confidence.
My first PC cost me over £1000 1990 and was scared to open the cover in case I broke it. Nowadays I whip the case off without a second thought. You'll be confident too once you've done it yourself. Gives kudos with yours friends and family also.


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