Building New System-Pentium Or Amd?

  holly polly 10:05 10 Aug 2003

G,day all ,gonna build myself a new system ,would appreciate some constructive criticsm on the pentium and amd chips -i have heard that amd are cheaper and run faster but pentium are usually more stable and run cooler WHICH ONE WOULD YOU USE -the comp is going to be a top spech -decent mobo mid range graphics {im not a gamer}1024 mb of ram dvd rw etc etc etc -mostly used for video editing accounts usual all answers greatfully recieved -hol pol..
ps. would appreciate any links to suppliers of parts etc ,thanks again -hol pol...

  soy 10:33 10 Aug 2003

There are lots of threads on this subject already. Just do a search if you want to find out more.

If you got the money, then I would get a pentium 4 processor. If not, an AMD will run just as good but for alot less. I've heard that AMD runs at much higher temps than pentiums, so its advisable to get good cooling. I think Pentiums are better than AMDs if you want to do processor intensive tasks such as video editing/burning/ etc.

What you should get, really depends on what you want to do with the system.

  holly polly 13:08 10 Aug 2003

ok just as i thought many thanks for the info ,gonna do some more digging,anybody know some good suppliers of components ?-cheers hol pol

  kingdonger 13:21 10 Aug 2003

Get Pentium it is the best you can get

  barrie_g 15:46 10 Aug 2003

for components a couple of the usual click here or click here for memory after you have your motherboard click here

  Smiler 16:52 10 Aug 2003

who says? Have you used both if so tell us what made the difference. I changed to AMD on my last build got good cooling no probs does everthing I want.

  Djohn 17:02 10 Aug 2003

Can't say which is best, I have used both with no problems, currently using XP1800+ from AMD. Yes, it's true that AMD run hotter than Intel, but that does not mean you necessarily need better cooling! It just means that AMD are designed to run at a higher temp. than Intel. j.

  holly polly 17:02 10 Aug 2003

ok appreciate the links barrie_g,i think this is gonna be one of those debates that will go on forever if someone would like to list the pros and cons for both makes this would be anvantageous,and extremely helpful-cheers hol pol...

  DieSse 17:11 10 Aug 2003

"It just means that AMD are designed to run at a higher temp. than Intel"

I suspect not - I'm not at all sure you could actually do such a thing.

I think the real reason is that AMD are prepared to let their processors run closer to "the edge", in order to push them to higher performance from the same die spec. I've no doubt they tested them to do so - what that means for the longer term I don't know. But who has processors for the long term anyway.

I think intel just design or specify more conservatively, to try and ensure less problems.

  Djohn 17:18 10 Aug 2003

You may be correct, so I will rephrase my answer. AMD are comfortable with the fact that their chips can and do run at a high temp, even to the extent of providing a three year warranty, covering temperatures up to 90c for most of their chips, even 100c for the latest ones. j.

  Steven135 17:20 10 Aug 2003

I have used AMD for my last two computers this one being a 3000+ never a problem at all.

If you are going to do graphic intensive work I wouldn't cut corners on the graphics card.

Type AMD vs Pentium on google and you'll get more like this:

click here

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