Building new PC based on an Asus Z370G motherboar.

  PhillyG76 04:30 18 Aug 2018

I plan on building a new PC, I’ve already got an Asus Z370G board and am expecting Corsair vengeance 8GB ram at 2400Mhz. I decided on buying just one 8GB stick as, I plan to add more of the same sticks as time goes on. I’m thinking of either the 8600k or 8700k CPU, I’m leaning more to the 8600k as it’s cheaper, and although it doesn’t have the hyperthreading, it seems easy to overclock and I don’t plan on doing massive overclocking anyway, as I’m hoping I can get away with a modest fan based cooler. My main concern is what case do I get? The coolermaster lite 5 RGB, seems real good value. The only drawback is there’s no space for internal cd/dvd/Blu-ray drives, but I could get an external one. But my main concern with the case is what GPU(s) could I fit? I’m thinking of buying one GTX1070, as that seems fine for 1080p gaming, and looks like it could just handle 4K gaming on low settings. But later on, if I get a 4k tv, I was thinking of just adding a second GTX1070 in SLI. The board has 2 slots for SLI, so you’d think it’d be easy. But they do seem quite close together. Would this be achievable? The case may be an issue with long GPU’s I believe such as some 1080ti GPU’s. But I’m hoping 1070s wouldn’t be an issue.

But with the coolermaster case, it seems length could be a problem if you fit a mechanical hard disc. And I was thinking of either a 2TB or 4TB Western Digital Black, but also fitting something like The Samsung Evo 970 M2 SSD to put things like Windows, Drivers and anything else that’d benefit being put on a SSD. Can anyone see any potential problems with this car, hard disc and GPU (I haven’t selected a particular brand or model, hoping there will be a good selection of ideal sizes that will fit in my board and whatever case that will be recommended).

And I think finally does anyone have strong recommendations for the PSU? I think a modular or semi modular will help with space. The two brands that same good are EVGA and Corsair. I’m not totally fussed about getting the most energy efficient one (unless it really does save on Electric bills), and am thinking between 650-700 watts should be adequate?

Many thanks in advance for useful help/suggestions, and hope I can return any favours in some small way.


  Guest 1234512757 08:12 18 Aug 2018

seems like a good idea

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