building a new p.c

  Fungus 22:51 01 Jun 2003

i am looking at building a new pc using the following components
CPU amd 2800/333
MB asus a7n8x
HD 160 gb deskstar/ata133
mon samsung ziod 17" tft
DVD/RW panasonic 9571
mem 512 gb pc2700/333(major)
dvd-rom asus 16x40
vga geforce 4 agp ti4200 tv
I want to be able to copy vhs to dvd?
cost is a consideration but i also want something that is quite fast with good sound.
Any comments or advice

  chrishillcoat 22:52 01 Jun 2003

You'll need a DVD writer, not just a reader.


  Ironman556 23:23 01 Jun 2003

I'm looking to build somthing with very similar spec, but not got the details together yet.

For image quality you may be better to go with a Radeon 9600 Pro or 9700 Pro, both about equal to, or just above performance of the Ti 4200's.

Sound card: Creative Audigy 2 or Terratec range. Terratec tend to be aimed more at professional audio than Creative's multimedia audio.

  Lozzy 08:42 02 Jun 2003

Have a look at this spec its fast very fast..

Intel Pentium 4 3.06 GHz Processor with Hyper threading

256 MB 1066 RDRAM x 2

512 MB 1066 RDRAM x 2

Intel D850 EMVR Motherboard

Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop NIC

Antec TRUE480 Power Supply

US Robotics USR5610B V.92 56k Modem

Belkin IEEE 1394 Fire wire PCI Card

ATI Radeon 9700 All In Wonder Pro 128MB DDR

Adaptec 29160 Ultra 160 SCSI Controller

Voyetra Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card

52x24x52 Mitsumi CD-RW Drive

Maxtor 60GB 7200 RPM Plus Nine IDE Hard Drive x 2

Seagate Cheetah 73GB 10,000 RPM Ultra 160 SCSI Hard Drive

POR-1022 IDE Controller Card/ Ultra ATA 100/PCI
DRV-2005 Samsung 52x Black CDRom,

Panasonic DVD-R/RW/RAM

Enermax, CS-3171L-S3A, Mid tower Case, Neon Light, Rainbow colour Side Stripes

  DieSse 08:51 02 Jun 2003

True, but why would you need 4 modules of different sized RAM, two different types of hard drive, and three different optical drives - not a practical proposition methinks - and cost is to be a consideration, not just performance.

  Ironman556 19:09 02 Jun 2003

Where from & how much?

I'd be wary of the all-in-wonder though, the performance isn't meant to be as good as the standard Pro cards.

  dazzling (work) 22:34 02 Jun 2003

looks allright to me i have xp 2200 and ti 4200 handles burning to dvd okay with 512mb ddr.have you thought of a seperate hdd for video files not essential but keeps them in one place and if you have to format o\s they are safe on seperate drive i have 2 x 60gb maxtors.its personel prefrence you could partition the 160 to get the same result.darren

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