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  Solartopi 17:43 31 Dec 2005

Hi Folks,

I have been doing a lot of upgrading to my 5 year old PC. I thought it would be better to build a new one now.

I have decide to get:
1. Asus A8V Deluxe 939 Socket Motherboard.
2.AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Processor.
I have read that these two are compatible, but this is where I come to a dead stop.
I now need Memory, Graphic Card and a PC Case with a Power Supply. Please can you help me here. How would I know which of these will be compatible with Item 1 & 2. The rest I can transfer from my old PC.



  Diemmess 17:58 31 Dec 2005

But as a guide, have you looked here?
click here

  Skills 18:59 31 Dec 2005

According to crucial for a A8V Deluxe this is the compatible memory list click here from that list I would go for the DDR 400 non ECC these ones here click here as for a graphics card does the board have a PCI-Express slot? Are you a gamer? Whats your budget?

Case anything that takes your fancy but dont go for a generic PSU get a decent make one watts wise depends on what your going to be running off it. Id say in the region of 450watts

  Solartopi 19:45 31 Dec 2005


Thanks for the Link. Quite interesting. I want to build one myself. I've done a lot of Upgradinf - new hard drive, DVD/CD ReWriter, added memory, Ethernet Card, I also added a USB 2 Card but it didn't work so I returned it.


No PCI-Express slot. AGP 8X/4X. Games - Not me my grandchildren play at times, nothing fancy.
Budget I'm not sure. A decent one will do, max £60. I don't know what I'll get for that. Oh yes. I've just been reading, the MB supports 1.5 for the graphig card not 3.3/3.5

Power Supply - Two Hard Drives, Floppy Drive, DVD/CD ReWriter, DVD ROM to play DVDs and record. My present Power Supply is 350 watts. If larger wattage is installed will it damage the PC? What about Cooling fans, will I need them?



  Diemmess 22:05 31 Dec 2005

Personal view about graphics cards is that you really won't need a very high spec. and £60 ought to give you a good image and be all you need except for extreme games which you don't play.
Bear in mind the need to match that AGP voltage when you buy the card.

Having an ample reserve of power in the PSU cannot damage anything and should remain trouble free. Even so, for what you propose, 350 watts would do while 400 is probably more than enough.

The downside is price, but that is little different from a lesser wattage unit.

Case fans tend to be provided as part of a reasonable case, but since you are running anything up to 300 watts in use, that is like having to clear the heat from 3x 100 watt light bulbs, and as well as sufficient fans you might investigate for the quietest units you can buy.

  Solartopi 23:01 31 Dec 2005


Thanks you ever so much for your HELP. I have seen that some PC Cases come with Power Supply installed. How do they know how many components you're going to install. Is it better to buy them separately?

Quieter PC Units - Yes, I didn't think of that. My present PC when you switch it off you can tell the difference of the quietness in the room. Sometimes when switched on it makes a terrible racket.

I was going to use my old - present PC Case but the new Motherboard won't fit inside. This way I'll have a second PC to get Help with if needed.



  Diemmess 09:41 01 Jan 2006

Most cases when you buy them have a PSU already installed as a bundle offer.
This in a way limitsyour choice to either
1) Buy it as it is and fit a PSU of your choice
2) Choose a case for its power supply
3) Choose a case without a PSU and buy that separately

Physically most PSUs are interchangeable with any case, but you do need to make sure that the PSU has mainboard connector plugs which fit your new Mobo.
Many now have both alternative connections allowing you to use the one (out of two possibles) that fits and ignore the other.

  007al 11:02 01 Jan 2006

Do you have any existing PCI cards that you`ll be adding?
Heres a list of a good base:
motherboard click here
case click here
processor click here
memory click here
graphics card click here

  Solartopi 15:00 01 Jan 2006


Thanks once again. I took a stroll to PC World Stores and Maplins, just browsing. I wanted to see what the Motherboard & Case looked like empty. I was lost for words where the Cases were concerned. So many different types, from £24 to about £125. Of course, when I'm ready to buy all the components I make a list of all the info here and take with me. I'll go for a 450 watts in case I want to upgrade later.

All the best fot the New Year.


  Solartopi 15:16 01 Jan 2006


In my present PC I have 2 hard drives. The newer bigger hard drive I'll transfer to the new PC. I also have two DVD/CDs in it, so the newer DVD/CD ReWriter (Multiformat) will go into my new PC. The Graphic Card in my present PC is a ATI Rage 128. I'll keep that there. I need to have a second PC to fall back on in case I need Help other wise I would have transferred that too, to my new PC.

PCI Cards = Modem, Sound Card, Ethernet Card will be transferred later to New PC

Thanks for the Links I shall look into them shortly.

Happy New to you.


  Diemmess 15:20 01 Jan 2006

Return your good wishes.
As you can see, the choice is huge for all components.... it is your decision, but also your fun.
It is much easier to respond to one question at a time, as your thread shows.
a very small point, but I think it is easy to go over the top with supposed power requirements.
Have a discreet look on the web and in-store, to see what the better quality ready-mades use. They are all forced into cost cutting of course, but it would be foolish of any of them to fit weaker power supplies than they need though they don't cater for the customer to fit a whole rows of HDs and CD gizmos, so few exceed 400 watts.

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