Building a 'new' PC!!!!!!!!!!!

  Lambo Gambo 16:31 10 Sep 2005


I'm thinking of building a 'new' PC but being on a limited budget, im forced to buy from ebay...

So when it comes to the old auction, i dont really want to get 'ripped-off' so was wondering what prices should i pay for:

an OEM pentium 551 cpu (newish)
Inno3d Geforce 6800GT grpahics card + all cabling software bundle(PCI-Express)?

I'd appreciate any help


  alan227 17:57 10 Sep 2005

What exactly are you after?.
On the graphics card, unless you are after the fastest, the 6600GT is good value for money and you should be able to get a second hand one for about £100.00

  GaT7 18:01 10 Sep 2005

You'll even get a NEW 6600GT for about £100 click here. alan227, prices always falling : ) G

  Gongoozler 18:35 10 Sep 2005

Hi Lambo Gambo. In my experience, if you're after newish computer parts you can easily pay over the odds on ebay. Be careful of postage costs and check whether there is any warranty. If you tell us what kind of performance you are after we can possibly help you choose parts that offer good value for money.

  Lambo Gambo 08:30 11 Sep 2005

Sorry, forgot to tell you the all importance performance!. I generally use it for gaming and downloading therefore i'd be better off with a 6800GT (SLI is not necessary yet!) and a fairly fast cpu. In any case, i'd also like it to last a while before upgrading or building again!

  007al 10:49 11 Sep 2005

ive built a few of my own pc`s from ebay takes a while to get what you want at the right price!dont know if people are just too lazy to look anywhere else for prices,but some people are bidding way over the top.i usually use novatech for a guide on prices...if i cant find what i want for a good price then i just get it changing again soon so i`ll have a leadtech 6800 agp card,amd 64 3400 cpu and msi neo platinum m/b going up on ebay soon...keep an eye out if you`re interested!as gongoozler says..what the postage charges...although i went the other way once,when i charged £10 for delivery of a motherboard bundle and it cost me £19,doh!

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