building a new PC!

  jime_d 23:26 25 Apr 2005

i have just built a PC from scratch, all the parts are new and all are as far as i know compatible. i thought that i would turn it on and it would work. all it does is beep? how can i find the trouble?
thanks jim

  bluesbrother 23:35 25 Apr 2005

BIOS Beep Codes
click here

  Giggle n' Bits 00:12 26 Apr 2005

motherboard, CPU, Memory, AGP Card, HDD size.

When fitting the Memory did you click the memory so the little gates on each end Clicked into shut position. Also any PCI or AGP Card are these firmly pushed in so there is no Gold Pins visible.

Which CPU if AMD did you apply Thermal Paste on CPU Core or any ?

Have you used IDE Cabled or SATA ?

  jime_d 01:30 26 Apr 2005

the processor is AMD 2700XP 333fsb memory pc2700 1GB

  jime_d 12:13 26 Apr 2005

memory work in an other pc! the beep is a continuous beep -- beep -- beep. i check the beep codes and it says some type of memory error!

  oldal 12:18 26 Apr 2005

If you have more than one memory module try removing all of them except the lowest. If it still fails try one of the removed modules in the lowest position.

  Legolas 12:21 26 Apr 2005

Is it 1 stick of memory or two? if two try taking one out and rebooting. If one try it another slot.

I have built a few systems and most of my problems have come from memory sticks even when they work in another system that is no guarentee they will work in yours. Memory is a very fickle thing

  keith-236785 12:39 26 Apr 2005

first of all, does the motherboard (mobo) support 1gb sticks of ram? some do and some dont. read the manual and check the max module size.

if thats ok, is it the right speed memory, are you trying to use pc333 on a mobo that only supports upto 266mhz.

also check the memory is seated properly and is in the first slot (doesnt matter on most boards but we dont know which board you are using).

remove and refit the graphic card in its slot and if its a AGP card, make sure you have locked it in place by sliding the lock across.

if it is onboard graphics, ignore the last one.

please give us some details of spec, mobo etc, also the other things fitted like drives, usb stuff etc though it wont matter at this point.

i have had occasions where a faulty cdrom has stopped the bios but it does get as far as the detection page, might be worth trying to unplug all ide drives for the moment.

finally, ensure the clear cmos pin is not enabled, some boards are shipped with it in place, it needs to be disabled, it is a jumper on the mobo (three pins normally, 1+2 for clear cmos and 2+3 for normal) depends on the board though.

good luck

  EdFrench 13:29 26 Apr 2005

Another thing to check is SW1.
This is usually around the centre of your Mobo.
Refer to the quickstart poster that came with the Mobo to check the setting.
It should tell you to set to 'Auto'
or 'Off' depending on the capability of the Mobo.

  jime_d 12:56 27 Apr 2005

M/B asus a7v600 - x SATA, graphics card asus v9999gt 256mb, AMD athlon 2700+ xp 333mhz
the ram 1gb pc 2700 333mhz x i modual

i tried my ram from my old pc PC 2100 266mhz and it worked, obviously the ram is the problem. cheep ram! kingston say there ram is compatible with this board but dont want to have to send it back as this project has taken to long already!
any suggestions??????

  keith-236785 16:57 28 Apr 2005

using the ram that works (old 2100 mem), set the FSB to 266 and then shutdown, swap the ram over and try again. at the slower clock speed you might get some success with the kingston ram. note that your proc will be reported slower in the bios due to "underclocking".

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