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  dave_the_red 23:21 09 Nov 2004

I am building a pc for a friend and he wants to play games. I have built pc's before but do not know much about the new athlon 64's and the differences between socket 754 & 939. Could anyone advise me on the differences. I personally prefer AMD processors, that is why I am not really considering Intel based. He has a budget of around £700. He is not bothered about a great monitor though.

Has anyone got any ideas on a good motherboard/ processor combo. Or for that matter any ideas on every component. They do not need to be top of the range, just able to play quite new games.

If anybody also knows of a good ready built pc package for around £700 , please feel free to post that.

  sicknote 23:32 09 Nov 2004
  sean-278262 23:35 09 Nov 2004
  dave_the_red 23:43 09 Nov 2004

Thanks for the links guys, they are very helpful. Also do you think it is worth getting athlon 64 yet or should I stick to maybe Athlon xp's for now.

  sicknote 23:47 09 Nov 2004
  sean-278262 00:17 10 Nov 2004

I would stick with the slower end of 64bit as you pay through the nose for the newer end of this can get a 3000 for about £100.

you will find that an xp2500+ will cost a similar mark to the slowest of the 64bit chips as they are phased out, so there is no value in sticking to your guns with socket A.

remember its often better to go for the top kit if you dont want it to be outdated but this motto really isnt standing true anymore as most computers or late have been fast enough to play just about anything. Personally I would advise save your friends money and get a system with specs similar to those seen in the PCA super budget section, have a look and see what manufacturers can get for the same price and work off that assuming that you can get about £50 extra to play with spend it wisely such as

-Graphics if the system is to be used for gaming specifically

-Harddisk if the person want to do lots of video editing

-monitor to enjoy the proformance offered by the grapics

Basically go on ebuyer (its interface I feel is better than dabs) and start in this order adding all the components that are required

Processor - motherboard - ram - hard drive - cd/dvd drives - sound card

alternately I sometimes select all the must have accessories first and deduct this from my total to ensure I get everything. floppy, dvd drive (not rw), sound card, case, and not forgetting FANS more people forget to order these only to realise when they build it that they wont get any further until they find fans. all things that are integral to a system but you often forget.

The great thing about the net is you can easily just restart the basket and tweak you components till you get the most from your budget. Make sure you find what your friend wants their computer for (video editing, surfing the internet etc). If it is slower games they intend to play such as Command and conquer which require less resources than say doom3, corners can be cut if this is the only type of games they play, allowing for more money to be spend elsewhere such as on a better monitor sound etc.

Remember if you are not sure just open a thread and state your intended specs and we will be more than willing to confirm that all your chosen parts will work together.

  dave_the_red 10:13 10 Nov 2004

The problem is that he wants it for the end of the weekend really and he doesnt get the money until Friday. So I cant order from the internet, I know a nice cheap computer shop near me that is sometimes cheaper than the internet. click here

These are the components I was thinking of

AMD Athlon 64 2800+ 64bit Socket 754 CPU+AMD Heat Sink Fan Retail £ 106.36

Gigabyte GA-K8VNXP VIA KT800 Soc. 754 £ 103.65 (inc.Vat)

A-DATA 1Gb PC3200 (DDR400) CL2.5 Dual Channel Memory KIT £ 120.67 (inc.Vat)

Galaxy 256Mb FX5700LE-TD DDR 8XAGP TV-OUT+DVI £ 76.16 (inc.Vat)

NEC ND-3500 16x Dual Layer Black DVD +/- R/RW OEM £ 50.98 (inc.Vat)

Maxtor DiamondMax Plus [Retail] 120GB Internal3.5inch ATA-133 7200rpm 2MB Cache Hard Drive £ 66.04 (inc.Vat)

Sweex 650W PSU Gold Dual Fan Power Supply £ 27.86 (inc.Vat)

Relisys 17inch TE-770-RU B Black Colour CRT Monitor £ 77.54 (inc.Vat)

Roughly £30 case

Microsoft internet keyboard £8.87

a4tech 8 button optical mouse - £25 (From Maplin electronics)

Cool Jag 652A Cooling Fan Upto XP 3000+ Silent £6.59


So any ideas if they would be a good choice or not.

  Noelg23 11:27 10 Nov 2004

well they sound good enough to me...shame he wants a CRT monitor and not TFT LCD, you can get a 15" for under £150 these days especially if you to click here but since he wants it this weekend and he dont get paid till Friday then go to the shop, if it were me I would make him wait till at least monday...but then I am not the one building it...

  dave_the_red 11:32 10 Nov 2004

I was thinking of maybe getting a cheaper motherboard and less ram to get a better graphics card. Does anyone think that would be a good idea or should I stick to the motherboard above and maybe get 512mb memory so i have a little more to spend on graphics.

  dave_the_red 13:47 10 Nov 2004


  Noelg23 14:00 10 Nov 2004

the graphics card looks good...I wouldnt downgrade the motherboard and memory at all...your getting very good graphics with that card...thats the card I am wanting to get (or something similar) but its the 5700LE range and they are rather about going to the site of the graphics manufacturer to tell you more about the me keep what you have...

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