Building my own PC & needing 2 PSU`s ?

  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 15:03 30 Apr 2003

Hi, I have just built a ver basic comp for a friend (which with relief worked out OK.

Now I want to build my own...but I think I will come up against a problem.

@ the moment I have a 350W PSU which runs everything including cathode ray tubes, several extra cooling fans & exhaust fans...(which cools things down very well as far as I`m cocerned).

Now call me extreme...even take the Mickey..But with the new comp I`m thinking of 4 x 120Gb HDD, all the usual peripherals & extra lighting,cooling etc & I`m wondering about the power.

So I am thinking of using 2 PSU`s (1 to run the computer & 1 to run the cooling/lighting).

Is it possible to attatch 2 PSU`s together (either to each other or the Mobo) so when I switch on the computer both power supplies start together?...or would I have to fit an extra switch to turn the cooling on B4 actually booting up the computer?

Does anyone know of any sites that may help me?

Thank you.

  -pops- 15:09 30 Apr 2003

Why not use a larger PSU?

Would reduce the complexities of the system you propose - if that is feasible in the first place.


  -pops- 15:11 30 Apr 2003

By larger I mean more powerful, not the physical size. You can easily get 550 - 600 Watt ATX power supplies and I can't imagine you would need more.


  Micken 15:39 30 Apr 2003

You should feel at home at this site click here

Good luck.


I was told a while back in this forum, that what
I already had in the computer was pushing the 350W limit of my existing PSU to it`s limit, so I thought that even with a 550W PSU I would be still pushing the power supply a bit too far..

Also I`ve been looking @ quite a tall tower & I was thinking...The taller the tower..The greater the cooling required?

  eccomputers 15:59 30 Apr 2003

no way, 350 is ample
Also, it isnt powering your monitor at all, the mains wires are simply bridged inside so its simply like an extra 13 amp socket.


yes I realise the current PSU doesn`t power the monitor, but I was told that with the lighting & fans etc that I run on the computer I`d about reached the limit

  -pops- 16:06 30 Apr 2003

Taller the tower - more air to circulate and possibly less cooling necessary.

The power consumed by a cold cathode lamp (assume that's what you're using) is low and the power required each HDD is not very much.

It is possible to find out the power required for each component from the manufacturers web site. Accept, say, 350W for a basic setup (M/B, CPU, HDD, FDD, CD, CDRW, sound card, graphics card) and add the extras to that after you've found out the figures. I'm very doubtful you will need more than 550W but, if you do, higher rated units are available.


  tbh72 17:51 30 Apr 2003

If you run out of power cables from 1 PSU, you can buy splitters which will effectively double the number of components you can add (Within the limit's of the PSU of course).

  Eagie 18:11 30 Apr 2003 sell the Juno P6 Full Tower case which capable of taking two psu's and is supplied with a 300w psu (which I guess could power your lighting etc). The installed psu has its own on/off switch so you could switch it on b4 your power up the rest of the system as you mentioned in an earlier post click here

  Eagie 10:42 10 May 2003

Overclockers sell a device which allows you to switch on multiple PSUs at the same time - the OcUK N-way PSU relay (OA-000-OC). click here

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