building my own pc

  Beverley Anne 00:15 15 Mar 2003


I am starting to get the bits and pieces to build my own pc.

I am using the 3 part series featured in PC Advisor not so long ago.

Would using a ME OS instead of the XP OS featured in the series work with Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz Processor, 256MB pc4200 Samsung Memory, Asus P4T533 Motherboard. Or would they be to powerful, if so could please suggest what would work with an ME OS.



  Djohn 00:25 15 Mar 2003

No, you will be fine, whichever O/S you choose to install with either of the systems in the self build article. J.

  A Pound of Sausages 00:27 15 Mar 2003

I'd use XP. More up to date and better all round I find.

  DieSse 00:45 15 Mar 2003

The correct memory for your motherboard is RDRAM (also called RIM or RAMBUS) - not DDR which you have appeared to quote.

If you want a simliar board for DDR-RAM, look at the P4PE

click here

  woodchip 00:52 15 Mar 2003

One hear nearly built for you, but not ungradable but will run games and do all you require click here

  Beverley Anne 09:04 15 Mar 2003

Thanks to all that took the time to anwser.

Now I can get cracking on with it!!


  Legolas 10:55 15 Mar 2003

Beverley Anne I have just completed my second self build and it is a very rewarding experience when you fire it up for the first time, but beware it can be a bit addictive.

woodchip I would be interested to see how a system built with that motherbnoard performed, it might be ok for a cheap second system, but at the price it might be worth giving it a try.

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