Building my own PC!!!!

  matt1234 22:57 20 Jun 2005


im planning to build my own pc here are the specs:

the case comes with a 525watt powersupply click here £90

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ Stk 939 1Mb Cache Retail £299.95 [£352.44 inc VAT]
Corsair 1024MB TwinX 3200XL X-Treme Low Latency DDR400 Dual Chan £129.95 [£152.69 inc VAT]
Maxtor Serial 160GB UDMA 150 7200RPM £54.95 [£64.57 inc VAT]
XFX GeForce 6800 ULTRA PCI-E 256MB DDR3 TV + DUAL DVI £299.54 £351.96 inc VAT
Creative Labs SB Audigy 2 ZS OEM £45.95 [£53.99 inc VAT]
Microsoft Windows XP Professional - OEM £86.95 [£102.17 inc VAT]
MSI K8N SLi Platinum nForce4 SLi Skt 939 PCI-Express Motherboard £104.95 [£123.32 inc VAT]
NEC ND-3540A 16x6x16x8 Dual Layer DVD±RW ReWriter - OEM Black £32.95 [£38.72 inc VAT]

total= 1319.26inc vat
sorce:click here

Anything else ive missed, or can you lot turn out a better specs for less?

I also have a screen and mouse to buy.


  matt1234 22:58 20 Jun 2005

sorry the case button that did nt work is here
click here

  DieSse 23:13 20 Jun 2005

Internal camera card reader?

  Completealias 23:26 20 Jun 2005

I would also go with the LG super multi GSA-4163BAL supports all formats and dvd-ram at x5 speed as well

  Indigo 1 06:17 21 Jun 2005

Awesome specs m8 ...

Don't forget drive cables and case fans, you also don't mention a Heatsink or fan for the CPU.

  User-312386 06:25 21 Jun 2005

I would go for the X800XL PCI-E click here

  User-312386 06:30 21 Jun 2005

Heatsink and fan normally come with AMD CPU's

  matt1234 07:47 21 Jun 2005

i didnt go with ATI as the ultra is more powerful and i will be intending to use SLI when i can afford to buy anougher one or they drop in price.

I looked at the LG but it didnt include and drive cables E.T.C

Does anyone know what cables fans ill need for this case and setup?

  howard60 09:26 21 Jun 2005

lovely specs top end I would say - I am about to build myself a new pc and am looking to do it for less than a half of what you are spending but then I am a poor impoverished pensioner. I do not play games so do not need the cutting edge. I will be looking to go for an amd 939 but stick to 3200 or 3400 to avoid the price premium. Good luck with what you decide. I normally use novatech or dabs.

  leo49 09:45 21 Jun 2005

If this is the same graphics card, you can save quite a few bob here:

click here

and on the CPU

click here

  leo49 09:49 21 Jun 2005

My mistake it's not the same graphics card - apparently it's merely superdooper and not Ultra superdooper . :o)

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