Building my first PC, help!

  JulesWinnfield 21:38 21 Nov 2013

Trusty laptop is finally on its last legs after years of abuse and repair. Finally decided to build my first PC partly for the challenge and partly because I want to start some light PC gaming due to me not being able to afford a pc and a new generation console.

I want to spend between 400-600 GBP depending what my money buys me and whether the top end of my budget will make a dramatic improvement. I have very little knowledge of what I can spec and what will work. However I have been eyeing the following on

Aerocool Strike-X One Mid-Tower Case

Intel Core i5 4430

Gigabyte GA-H87M-HD3 Intel H87 Socket 1150 Motherboard

Creative SB 30SB135000000 Recon3D Sound Core3D

EVGA GeForce GTX 650 NVIDIA Graphics Card - 1GB

Seagate 1TB SATA 3 Performance Hard Drive OEM ST1000DM003

Corsair Memory Vengeance Jet Black 4GB DDR3 2000 MHz CAS 10-10-10-27 Dual Channel Desktop

I already have an ssd to accompany the SATA hard drive. I'm very keen on music and have a nice pair of monitors so a good sound card would be appreciated. I have no idea whether this would work, or the power supply I would need. Any alterations, substitutions or additions you can think of would be greatly appreciated. And if you can spec something for a cheaper price with a similar performance that would be even better.

Many thanks

  rdave13 22:00 21 Nov 2013

Best bet is to browse Novatech site. Will give you some idea about bundles, either with PSU and case or just mobos. With or without OS. Take some time to browse.

Find a similar site that will do the same and compare.

Then you can make up your own mind as to whether googling all of the hardware by yourself and construct, or constructing half of it via similar sites as above, and building your own with help. Whatever you decide - good luck.

  retep888™ 00:03 22 Nov 2013

Your 400-600 GBP budget won't buy you much I'm afraid if spec up yourself, don't forget the Operating System which will set you back another £70.

Take a look at Chillblast Fusion Asgard @ £599.00 which has everything you want plus you can choose to have either Win7 or Win8, onboard sound nowadays is getting better & better,anyway you can upgrade to a dedicated sound card later on should you wish.

  JulesWinnfield 09:49 22 Nov 2013


I'm aware my 400-600 isn't going to be incredible but I don't need it to be. I already have all the software including OS.

  retep888™ 13:33 22 Nov 2013

<<I'm aware my 400-600 isn't going to be incredible but I don't need it to be. I already have all the software including OS.>>

In that case you can either go ahead with your pick from Scan plus this PSU @£48.60 totalling over £500 OR

consider rdave13's recommendation from Novatech.

P.S. you may need an optical drive too.

  JulesWinnfield 14:49 22 Nov 2013

cheers thanks for the help

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