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  Seasurfer 19:30 10 May 2011

Hi all,

After many years of interest in the world of computer software, I have decided to build my own PC. After reading every web page I could get my hands on, I have compiled a list of components which I imagin would do the job. However, with my limited knowlege of the internal workings of the humble computer, I can't be sure if I have overlooked something i.e compatability, or if there is a better combination of parts that would suit my needs. I hoping to put together something that focuses on speed and overall performance, but can still manage some basic gaming as well; with the capasity to add to and upgrade later, around the £400 mark. From my research, thats clearly not enough to make a "high end" pc, but obviously I want the best I can get for my buck. If any of you fine people would be able to look over my components and offer feedback, I would be very greatful, and appreciate it dearly.





Hard Drive-

Optical Drive-


Power Supply-

  gengiscant 08:31 11 May 2011

Have a look at this, I have added a reasonable Graphics card.PC spec

  Seasurfer 10:11 11 May 2011

Thats not bad at all. Definetly food for thought, Thanks :)!!!!!

  rickf 09:59 22 May 2011

Personally, I would go for a quad core AMD and Motherboard with 4g of ram. Look here bundle. Comes with everything you need, ie mobo/cpu/ram/fan tested.

  rickf 10:04 22 May 2011

Addendum: I bought and built itfor my son and we have never looked back. Make sure you got a PSU of at least 500 watt and I bought a 2nd hand nVidia 250 graphics card for it. Works with the latest games and very clear crisp reproduction on monitor. Hope that helps

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