mneopaws1947 12:04 06 Jul 2004

Hi again,
I took all the advise given and did build my own computer. It worked without any problems whatsoever.
Whoever said not to get parts from ebay was correct. My new comp was to be all black. The case was pale blue (and I am stuck with it), mouse silver, speakers grey/blue - and the second case (black) but will not start up !!
I transferred everything from my old 350w case to my new 400w one, all the wires are in the same position. There are 2 more bundles of wires, data and mic out in etc. I presume these are extras for further hardware.
Anyone any advise please.
I also purchased a 4 channel sound card (one use use with ur original one as an extra) but only 3 speakers out of 5 work. When you swap wires in the Woofer the other speakers work, so I presume it is a connection in the sub woofer or the sound card.
It was all going so well!!#

  Totally-braindead 12:29 06 Jul 2004

These extra wires you mention, are they at the front of the case? And post back with the make and model of your soundcard. My onboard sound has 5.1 surround sound but to use it you have to reset something in the software and plug the speakers in to the mike as well. Post back with details and someone will find out for you.

  mneopaws1947 14:25 06 Jul 2004

Hi Total,
The soundcard in ASONIC a4 channel C-media 8738 Chipset 3D
Allthe extra bundles of wires are at the front, apart from the power set (which I know where they go) there are :
4wires VCC-2 DATA-2, DATA+2, GND
4 " VCC-1, DATA-1, DATA+1, GND
8 " GNDR, MIC inx2, L in, L out, R in, R out
7 " TPB-, TPB+, VCC, TPA-, TPA+, GNDR x2
Hope this helps

  keith-236785 14:55 06 Jul 2004

sounds like the wires you mention are for the two front USB ports, Microphone and speaker/headphone sockets. i have found these a pain to set up on an asus board so i didnt connect them (i did connect the USB, but not the sound/mic)

cant help with the sound card prob though

  Totally-braindead 15:47 06 Jul 2004

Thats why I asked if they were at the front, your case must have front USB connectors as well as mike and speakers and you'd need to connect them up to the motherboard in order for them to work. I'll post back about the sound.

  Totally-braindead 16:10 06 Jul 2004

Only thinh I could find was this click here this is c-medias website they are the ones who manufacture the chip that Asonic put in their sound card. Downloaded some of the documents and it did say something about connecting speakers to the mike, but no details. I would suggest you read your manual, usually its part of the software which you should have on your cd that you got with the card that tells the sound card whether to use the mike socket as an output, it certainly is with mine. If you've installed the software you got with the card it probably will be on the taskbar bottom right and click on it, there should be some sort of setup. Sorry I can't help more but couldn't find the Asonic website to look at the manual.

  mneopaws1947 17:42 06 Jul 2004

Yes it does have front usb ports, i will have another look in the manual, my motherboard is a Soltek, instructions are printed in extremely small print!!!!

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