Building a Computer

  automatichigh 19:10 18 Oct 2003

OK, I've bitten the bullet and have decided to Build my own PC.

I've got my ATX case and am about to buy parts soon.

If I had the compatible components, can I just simply swith on my PC, Insert my installation disc for windows, and hope everything goes fine??

Surely I would have to install some sort of driver beforehand to use, say the graphics card for example.

Is this necessary?? am I right in thinking that simply putting windows into my CD rom, it will configure my hard disk in the installation?

Confused?? So am I!!



  SimianBenzoate 19:18 18 Oct 2003

there is a bit more to it than that! but it should load up ok as long as you have everything connected right and the bios setup properly, this will use basic drivers for everything, you can then install windows and hopefully this will recognise everything and install drivers for your kit, then you can add in specialist drivers for AGP cards etc...

  Socalled 19:36 18 Oct 2003

use this site as a here

  STEVE71163 19:40 18 Oct 2003

If you have boot from cd rom set in your bios it will start loading windows when you boot up as long as everything else is set up ok.

Good Luck

  hugh-265156 19:42 18 Oct 2003

see the 12.13&14th etd videos click here & click here for installing xp.

  Legolas 20:35 18 Oct 2003

Remember that if you are using a new hard drive you will need to set a partition and format the drive before you can load your OS

  automatichigh 20:53 18 Oct 2003

Cool, answers dudes, its really helped me a lot, just a few more Q's for you to answer.

The motherboard that I am planning on getting is this:

click here(Rev%202.0).htm

I realise that it allows you to have DDR400/pc3200 memory, but after looking on, there are so many types, which one do I go for?

  automatichigh 21:34 18 Oct 2003

click here


Also, I-ve just realised that the connectors of this MB doesn't correspond to the back of my case. even though its ATX!?? can I get a new plate to put on the back, if so where?, or can I just rip the whole thing off?

  hugh-265156 21:45 18 Oct 2003

the motherboard should come with a new io shield that you can replace with the one in the case.

click here will tell you the types of memory your new board supports.

  hugh-265156 21:47 18 Oct 2003
  hugh-265156 21:49 18 Oct 2003

sorry,uk link click here

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