Building A Classified Website

  roofie71 01:04 23 Mar 2010

Hi, I am interested in starting a classified website. Initially at least it would be a 'free ads' site. I would need several search/filter fields and the capability of being able to charge for advertising eventually if it takes off. I also want a few pages for information and articles. I have no knowledge of coding etc. I do have access to Photoshop if needed for design (though I still have to learn how to use it!) but what would be a good piece of software for a beginner to build this sort of website? I have not purchased a domain or hosting yet and know that some hosting companies provide a free website building package so I would also be interested to know if any of these packages are worth going for. Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  ashleycardwell94 23:32 23 Mar 2010 - domain registrar's and hosting suppliers, you can also get instant site, "WYSIWYG" what you see is what you get type of editor. might cost a very small amount a month

  roofie71 10:17 24 Mar 2010

Thanks for the feedback, I've looked at 123 reg and yes they do seem to offer a good package. I'm thinking I'll start with shared hosting and IF it takes off upgrade to a reseller package.

Thanks also Fourm member, I have just ordered a couple of books on building a site (yes, I can hear you laughing!!)one on Mysql one on Dreamweaver which I also have access to, though to be honest the whole programme looks a little daunting at the mo & I was wondering whether to bother trying to master it at all! I do pick up anything PC related very quickly, so fingers crossed, if I don't give it a bash I'll never know.

After your recommendation I shall also try and order something specifically on PHP, I have seen a few available. Any you can recommend?

  Ansolan 02:54 27 Apr 2011

Taking the comments from forum member to heart would be a very good idea. You are considering a fairly complex undertaking which is far from ideal without site building experience.

Also bear in mind that major search engines have for a while been dumping sites of that type and the process is speeding up. Without search engine support the site will fail and to have a chance in that area, you will need a great deal of unique added value beyond the ads.

If you are determined, there are specialist ready made options e.g.

Or plugins for free software such as:

In a sense they are the best option as you have more flexibility with the site in general and there is a fair amount of online support. Just bear in mind that the idea Wordpress or particularly Joomla are easy "no skill needed" options is not true. To run a site well requires a good amount of knowledge.

If you want to give this a go then have fun, there really is only one way to learn. Just do so from that perspective, without expecting commercial success for a long time.

  Ansolan 20:21 27 Apr 2011

Nothing like being on time:)

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