Building another computer from spare bits

  Woodmouse 12:32 17 Dec 2003

Having upgraded my computer over the past few years, I have ended up with almost enough parts to build another computer. When this has been completed (probably in January), can anyone suggest the pros & cons of either combining them, thereby sharing the monitor & printer, or having a stand-alone PC which is not connected to the internet.

  canard 12:36 17 Dec 2003

You will almost certainly need to have both PCs connected to the internet because when the one you normally use is out of order you can still download the necessary software or get help with your other PC.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:41 17 Dec 2003

Install, eg, Linux onto the second PC and use a KVM switch to swap between them - Linux is a challenge worth taking.

Or use the second PC for testing software, demos etc (but for this I prefer to dual boot as this will mean the same configuration of hardware etc.)

  Tog 14:16 17 Dec 2003

Do as Diodorus says and then install smoothwall on it.

You get a machine for playing with Linux and a free firewall!

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