'Build your own PC'

  Flaco 02:03 11 May 2003

Re the PCA project articles in Oct/Nov/Dec 2002 issues.

When you get to the section about the Motherboard, it gives the impression that your choice of (a) CPU, and (b) RAM would ultimately dictate your choice of MBoard. My feeling is that the MBoard should be starting point for the project.

Anyone got an opinion on this? Not trying to be clever, but I'd like to try this sometime soon and genuinely want to know if I'm looking at it the wrong way.

  Pilch.... 02:11 11 May 2003

What you say is true in some aspect's. Others it isnt.

The main factor in the board is actually the amount to spend. AMD's are cheaper than Pentiums so if someone needs to build a system cheaply, then AMD's dictate the board to be used. Or vice versa for pentium

  billyliv 07:57 11 May 2003

Hi, If I am building a pretty average machine I look for a reasonable slot A board with Graphics, Sound and Lan all on board. Then I gather all the rest of the bits. cheers, Bill.

  [email protected] 08:17 11 May 2003

what you need to decide is how many PCI slots you want. whether the motherboard is DDR or SDR DDR is the faster. Size of Ram is the most your motherboard will take. similarly CPU is dictated by the motherboard but the higher CPU you can fit makes your PC faster. After that you will have to decide how many fans you will need to keep the PC cool. next up is the graphics card/sound cards are you gaming or members of your family likely to be hotshots. You then need the best graphics/sound cards.
The argument about AMD against pentium goes on. I like AMD for the better reliability .
size of HDD is also a factor & whether it is DDR or SDR. SDR & DDR do not mix. all PCs default to the slower SDR if that is in the circuit

  Flaco 12:46 12 May 2003

On reflection, my original point is a bit stupid, I guess. Everyone has a valid point here and it all comes down to how you want to approach the project from scratch, i.e. what are the final objectives and which specific areas you want to give more weight to.

That's fine, because it tells me there's no real right or wrong way, and with a few of the core components obviously being closely linked it all falls in to place before you've even bought anything. My leanings are towards Kelly's approach but it is intersting to see how different people approach it from scratch. Many thanks.

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